Elemental Inscription Tool: Dusk

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Elemental Inscription Tool: Dusk

ModBlood Magic
Tooltip textThe writing is on the wall...

The Elemental Inscription Tool: Dusk is an item added by Blood Magic that is used with Ritual Stones to create some of the standard rituals, and all of the grand rituals. When used on a Ritual Stone, the Inscription Tool will paint it, turning it into a Dusk Stone.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

To create an Elemental Inscription Tool: Dusk, a block of coal must be placed into a tier 4 Blood Altar with 2,000 LP.

Usage[edit | edit source]

To use the Elemental Inscription Tool: Dusk, it must first be bound to the player by a single right click. Once bound, it can be right clicked on any Ritual Stones, turning them into Dusk Stones at the cost of a single point of durability. Once the durability is depleted, right clicking will add another point of durability at the cost of 10 LP.