Elementium Pickaxe

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Elementium Pickaxe

Mining level3
Mining speed6.2

The Elementium Pickaxe is a tool added by the Botania mod. It uses Mana from Mana Tablet or any other Mana providing item in the player's inventory to prevent item damage or repair itself, using 60 Mana per point of durability.

Like the Manasteel Pickaxe, this tool will place a torch from the player's inventory when right clicked on a surface. The pickaxe, if mining Cobblestone, Netherrack, Dirt, Sand or Gravel will not drop said items after they are mined. Andesite, Diorite, Granite and Basalt will be dropped only if the player is sneaking. It is possible to combine the pickaxe with the Terra Shatterer, which will transfer this ability to the latter. However, this is irreversible.

Creation[edit | edit source]