Ember Injector

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Ember Injector

TypeSolid block

The Ember Injector is a block added by Embers. It is used alongside any of the Crystal Seeds to duplicate ores. It requires ember to run, and has an internal ember capacity at 24,000 embers.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Ember Injector is used to duplicate ores from Crystal Seeds. To activate it, simply place an Ember Injector pointing with its hollow end towards a Crystal Seed, then supply it with ember using an Ember Receptor or an Ember Funnel. The Ember Injector will start automatically injecting the Crystal Seed with ember. After injecting about 1,000 ember, 1-5 nuggets of the Crystal Seed drops. Using several Ember Injectors on the same Crystal Seed speeds up the process.


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