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Modicon Embers.png
Current developersBordListian
Past developersElucent
Latest version1.6
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2
Needed forAetherworks

Embers is a mod created by Elucent, currently maintained by BordListian under the name Embers Rekindled. It is a magic-themed tech mod centered around a resource known as Ember. It's described as having a Dwarven aesthetic.

Progression begins by finding and killing an Ancient Golem to obtain Archaic Bricks and an Ancient Motive Core to create an Ancient Codex, which serves as the mod's manual. Players must find and locate Ember, a limited resource required for most of the mod's devices and power, by scanning the world at bedrock level and setting up machines to extract it.

After version 0.230 Embers was discontinued by Elucent. Embers Rekindled was created to maintain it, while epicsquid319 has taken over the original project to work on Embers 2.

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