Ender Bramble

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Ender Bramble

Witchery Information

Witchcraft: Herbology
This strange bramble keeps creatures at bay; for when they get close it teleports them away. Mutate this plant from sugar cane and spanish moss.
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The Ender Bramble is a plant added by Witchery. This plant is trapped; anything that walks into it will be teleported somewhere within 500 blocks. Once the Ender Bramble is placed, it is very difficult to break without an axe.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The Ender Bramble requires:

First, place Sugar Canes down with Water source blocks on each orthogonal side. Then, place Spanish Moss above each water source block. Place Grasspers on the blocks directly diagonal to the sugar cane and give each of them an Ender Pearl. Use a Mutating Sprig on the Sugar Cane and it will turn into an Ender Bramble.