Endertruhe (EnderLagerung)

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This page is a translated version of the page Ender Chest (EnderStorage) and the translation is 82% complete.

Auf diese Seite geht es um die Endertruhe von EnderLagerung. Für andere Verwendungsmöglichkeiten, siehe Ender Chest.

TypSolider Block
Speicher27 Plätze

An Ender Chest is a block added by EnderStorage. It is linked to all other Ender Chests with the same color key. On top of the chest are 3 buttons that can be dyed any color by right-clicking them while holding dye. Using linked chests, items can be transferred between different places even across dimensions. Right-clicking the front of the chest with a Diamond makes it a private chest. A private Ender Chest can only be accessed by someone standing next to it or the person who placed the chest. Right-clicking the chest with an EnderPouch will link the pouch to the chest allowing access to the Ender Chests' contents while traveling, even in a different dimension.

The Ender Chest can be dyed using colored Wool in the recipe. Or, instead of using Dye, two chests can be renamed in an Anvil, which will put them on a separate channel from the normal (unnamed) chests.


FTB Infinity Evolved

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  • Die Vanilla-Endertruhe ist anscheinend die Inspiration für diesen Block.
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