Ender Generator x64

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Ender Generator x64
Block Ender Generator x64.png

ModExtra Utilities
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance25
Previous tier
RF storage6,400,000 RF
RF production2,560 RF/t
Technical details
Registry nameExtraUtilities:generator.64:3
Unlocalized namegenerator.64

The Ender Generator x64 is a block added by Extra Utilities. It will create Redstone Flux (RF) by consuming Ender Pearls and Eyes of Ender as fuel. A single Ender Pearl lasts for 585.9375 milliseconds (about 0.58 seconds) and a single Eye of Ender lasts for 2.34375 seconds. As with all other Extra Utilities generators, this generator shows the burn time and RF/t production in its GUI, and also keeps its charge level when broken and replaced.


FTB Infinity Evolved

Main article: FTB Infinity Evolved

The Ender Generator is disabled.


The total cost of this item is:

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