Ender Rift

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Ender Rift
ModThe Vegan Option
TypeMultiblock structure

The Ender Rift is a multiblock device added by The Vegan Option. It allows for converting Water to Raw Ender in-world. When water is above the Ender Rift, it has a chance to turn into Raw Ender each tick. However, when this is performed in the day, it also has a chance of permanently deleting a random block within a 4 block radius of the rift. This effect does not occur during nighttime. When the player steps in the rift, they will be given nausea for five seconds.

Construction[edit | edit source]

The Ender Rift is constructed by forming a diamond shape using four Encrusted Obsidian. When constructed, the Ender Rift block will appear in the middle of the four Encrusted Obsidian blocks.

Ender Rift construction.png