Enderminy (EnderZoo)

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This page is about the Enderminy added by EnderZoo. For other uses, see Enderminy.

TypeNeutral monster
Health points20

The Enderminy is a neutral mob added by the EnderZoo mod, which spawns in the Overworld on Grass Blocks (which can be configured). It is a smaller version of the Enderman, with 20 health (10 hearts). The Enderminy will lose its neutrality when hit. If configured, the Enderminy will lose its neutrality if a player looks directly into its eyes (like the Enderman). It will automatically attack Creepers (including Concussion Creepers).

When attacked, the Enderminy will call upon other nearby Enderminies to gang up on the attacker, via teleportation. Each strike of the Enderminy will inflict 10 damage (5 hearts). When killed, it will drop an Ender Pearl, with two 50% chances of dropping an Ender Fragment (the number of chances will be increased with each level of the Looting enchantment).



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