Energized Glowstone (Thermal Expansion 3)

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This page is about the Energized Glowstone added by Thermal Expansion 3. For other uses, see Energized Glowstone.
Energized Glowstone

ModThermal Expansion 3

Energized Glowstone is a liquid added by Thermal Expansion 3. It is used as a component in the mod. It is created by melting Glowstone Dust or Blocks in a Magma Crucible. Unlike most liquids, it will provide light to the world. Also, it will flow upwards.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Energized Glowstone can be placed in the world using a bucket. It will flow upward unlike most liquids. It will return to a solid block form at y=128. An entity that is inside of Energized Glowstone will be given Speed and Jump Boost effects.

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