Energy Battery

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Energy Battery

ModIntegrated Dynamics
Tooltip textPlace in crafting grid with other Energy Batteries to increase capacity. Shift + Right click to auto-supply.
Blast resistance25
Max RF input2,000-327,680 RF/t
RF storage1,000,000-655,360,000 RF
Max RF output2,000-327,680 RF/t

The Energy Battery is a machine added by Integrated Dynamics. It can be placed in the world to store Redstone Flux. Providing it with a redstone signal enables it to output its energy. Sneaking and right clicking with it while not targeting a block toggles auto-supply mode, allowing the battery to fill items held in the player's hands with its stored RF.

Energy Batteries can be combined in any crafting grid, combining their maximum capacity and stored RF. They can be combined to hold up to 655,360,000 RF in a single Battery. This also increases the maximum transfer rate the Battery allow, using the following formula:


  • maxTransferRate is the maximum transfer rate the battery allows in RF per tick
  • maxCapacity is the battery's maximum capacity in RF

Recipe[edit | edit source]