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Energy Blaster

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Energy Blaster

ModBlood Magic
Tooltip textUsed to fire devastating projectiles...

The Energy Blaster is a weapon added by Blood Magic which is used to collect Weak Blood Shards. Each hit will apply the Weakness debuff, which will allow a chance for Blood Shards to be dropped when killed. While active, the Energy Blaster will consume about 100 LP every couple of seconds to power itself. Should the owner's network run out of LP while activated, the blaster will consume half a heart from the owner instead. Firing a projectile will cause the blaster to consume LP each click.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The Energy Blaster is created by starting a Ritual of Binding and tossing an Apprentice Blood Orb onto the Master Ritual Stone and waiting for the ritual to complete. Once complete, the newly formed Energy Blaster will be formed in the center of the circle.

Usage[edit | edit source]

While holding the Energy Blaster, the user can sneak-right click to either activate or deactivate the blaster. While activated, the Energy Blaster will consume LP and appear as a gun. While deactivated, the Energy Blaster will appear as a spherical object, will no longer drain LP, and will no longer function as a weapon. As with all Bound tools, the Energy Blaster will consume around 20 LP every four seconds while activated.