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Energy Cell (Thermal Expansion 5)

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Energy Cell

ModThermal Expansion 5
TypeTile entity

Energy Cells are tile entities added by Thermal Expansion 5. They store Redstone Flux (RF) and can be picked up with a Crescent Hammer or a pickaxe. The stored RF is not lost when picked up.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

When the Energy Cell is placed all sides are set to input (blue) except the bottom which is set to output (orange). The Energy Cells's GUI is able to configure redstone response, input and output rate, and face interaction. Redstone response changes the cell's behavior when emitting RF based on the presence of a redstone signal. The RF input and output rates can also be configured to alter the amount of RF transferred per tick. Finally, the configuration tab sets sides to receive (blue), emit (orange), or not interact (yellow).

Storage[edit | edit source]

A Energy Cell is crafted at the lowest tier (Basic). It can be upgraded to higher tiers using Upgrade Kits. As it is upgraded it is able to hold more power and increase power transmission rate.

Tier Capacity Max Input Max Output
Basic 2,000,000 RF 1,000 RF/t 1,000 RF/t
Hardened 8,000,000 RF 4,000 RF/t 4,000 RF/t
Reinforced 18,000,000 RF 9,000 RF/t 9,000 RF/t
Signalum 32,000,000 RF 16,000 RF/t 16,000 RF/t
Resonant 50,000,000 RF 25,000 RF/t 25,000 RF/t

This amount can be increased further using the Holding enchantment, which increases the storage capacity multiplicatively. Holding I increases the storage x1.5, Holding II x2, Holding III x2.5 and Holding IV x3. Therefore the maximum storage capacity possible is 150,000,000 RF for a Resonant Energy Cell with Holding IV.

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