Energy Sensor

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Energy Sensor

ModGregTech 6

The Energy Sensor is a machine cover added by GregTech 6 that emits a Redstone signal proportional to the amount of energy stored in the machine it is installed on.

The Energy Sensor can indicate the amount of any of the various kinds of energy used by GregTech 6 machines, including Steam: when installed on a Steam Boiler, it will indicate the amount of fluid Steam in the boiler. When installed on a Battery Box or Crystal Charger, it will indicate the total amount of energy stored in all batteries or crystals contained in the box in addition to the energy stored in the box or charger itself.

Normally, a signal strength of 0 is emitted when no energy is stored and a strength of 15 when the maximum amount of energy is stored. The signal may be inverted by using a Screwdriver on the cover, such that the signal is 15 when no energy is stored and 0 when the maximum amount is stored. The signal may be changed to a Strong signal by using a Wirecutter on the cover; a Strong signal will penetrate through a solid, full-cube block such as Stone adjacent to the cover, and energize any Redstone adjacent to it.

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