Entrapment (Mystcraft)

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This page is about the Entrapment added by Mystcraft. For other uses, see Entrapment.

Entrapment refers to being stuck in a Mystcraft age and unable to travel to another dimension.

This is inherent in the source material, as seen both in the trap ages in the original game, as well as the whole focus of Riven, where Gehn was actively trying to escape and create new ages.

In Minecraft, you need at least the following items in order to make a new descriptive book if you suffer a complete wipe, such as falling into the void or losing your base to a meteor.

  • Iron (for the book binder)
  • Wood (for lots of things)
  • Cobblestone (to cook glass and smoothstone)
  • Sand (to make glass bottles)
  • Cows (leather is needed to bind books)
  • Sugar cane (paper is needed to write a book)
  • Water (Black dye is needed for ink)

Depending on other mods, some of these may not be needed; for example, if you have DyeTrees, you may be able to get black dye from trees instead of squid.

The biggest source of problems a stranded traveler will face is that while wood and cobble can be obtained in libraries, sand, sugar cane, water, and cows are sometimes hard to come by. And, if the ground is not made of dirt or stone, you may find yourself unable to collect any blocks or even reach a library.

Legit (non-cheating) ways to return home[edit | edit source]

Under normal situations, portals to the Nether can only be made in dimensions numbered less than 1; mystcraft ages are normally numbered above 1. So you cannot head home that way.

Equally, the Twilight Forest contains a config option to prevent portals to that dimension from being made in non-overworld ages.

Dimensional Doors, if in use, does permit using random dungeons as a way to link to a random existing dimension (or, if configured for it, random new mystcraft age), which can provide a way out.

Star Fissures are "holes to the void" that in fact lead back to the overworld spawn point. About 1 in 10 random worlds will have one, based on testing in Equally, the symbol for this can be found in the abandoned libraries that are found throughout Mystcraft ages.

Ender Portal Through the use of a stronghold although rare (or non existant depending on the age) may provide passage to the end. This method (if workable) may not be safe for your character or items, but will preserve your ability to reach dimension 0 (overworld).

Legitimately returning home requires being able to make new ages, and visit them, until you either find a library (or villager) with a star fissure symbol, or a naturally occurring star fissure in the ground.

Non-Legit (cheating) methods of getting back home[edit | edit source]

The most important way back home if you have to cheat is the "/tpx" command.

Syntax: /tpx <Player-name> dimension <x> <y> <z>

Player name defaults to the player issuing the command, and must be specified if used from the console.

Dimension must be specified. "0" is the overworld (home).

The default location is the dimension spawn point; it may be specified if desired.

"/tpx 0" will return you to the overworld spawn, which normally will suffice to get home.

Warning: do not try "/tpx 1" or "/tpx -1". The same location of the overworld spawn will be used in these dimensions, and very often that is a death trap, leading to either falling into lava, or the void.