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The Entropinnyum is a generating flower added by Botania. It generates Mana by absorbing the explosion of a block of TNT.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Entropinnyum generates Mana by absorbing primed TNT entities in a 12 block range immediately before they explode, producing 6,500 Mana per explosion. It is limited to primed TNT and can't interact with other forms of explosions such as an exploding Creeper. It cannot function if it has any Mana stored in its buffer, and cannot absorb TNT entities in liquids. An Entropinnyum can be bound to a Mana Spreader within 6 blocks of itself to transfer its Mana.

Tips[edit | edit source]

While the Entropinnyum will not interact with primed TNT exploding in liquids, it will do so with primed TNT kept out of harms reach with blast proof blocks such as Obsidian. Dispenser may even dispense primed TNT inside the boundary of a blast proof block if it occupies the space in front of the dispenser output.

The Entropinnyum can be automated to a trivial level of mana production using existing exploits in vanilla mechanics. Using TNT duplicating designs, Mana can be generated effortlessly without any input of resources beyond the initial construction. It should be noted however, that such a method goes against the core design of Mana generation and could be considered cheating and gameplay degrading.

Recipe[edit | edit source]