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Essentia Dynamo

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Essentia Dynamo


The Essentia Dynamo is an energy producer from the mod Technomancy. The dynamo produces energy by piping essentia in through Essentia Tubes. In versions 0.4.2 and prior, the dynamo produces a constant 80RF/t. The total amount of energy produced per essentia varies depending on the type of essentia. In Technomancy 0.5 and on, the efficiency, output, and the total amount of Redstone Flux produced differ between each type of essentia and attributes of the world around it such as the biome the dynamo is located in and the time of day.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The dynamo works by connecting it to an acceptable transmitter of RF, such as a Redstone Energy Conduit or an Energy Cell. Essentia Tubes then need to be connected to the dynamo in order for it to drain essentia from jars. The dynamo will drain from the nearest source in the pipe system. Once the dynamo has essentia in it and an acceptable output, apply a redstone signal for the dynamo to begin outputing power.