Essentia Tube (Thaumcraft 5)

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This page is about the Essentia Tube added by Thaumcraft 5. For other uses, see Essentia Tube.
Essentia Tube

ModThaumcraft 5
TypeTile entity

The Essentia Tube is a block added by Thaumcraft 5. It is used to move Essentia.

When attached to an Essentia-using devices, Essentia will automatically move from Essentia producers to devices that require or store Essentia.

An example- the Essentia moves from the Arcane Alembic to the Warded Jars

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Thaumonomicon entry[edit | edit source]

You have discovered several ways to transport essentia, but none of them has proven useful for large scale alchemical operations - until now.
You have unlocked the key to creating stable and relatively leak-free tubing. While mundane chemicals can be transported in glass, certain types of essentia either dissolve or simply pass right through it. By wrapping the glass in iron and treating it with quicksilver you have managed to protect it from even the most volatile types of essentia. Gold fittings finish off the piping system and make it visually appealing.
The tubes can be connected to all manner of alchemical devices, though warded jars and alembics are their primary targets.
Essentia flows through the tubes whenever something is connected to them that can accept it, like warded jars.
Jars containing different kinds of essentia will only draw their kind of essentia towards them. Tubes however can only draw and transport one kind of essentia at a time - the highest drawing strength will take priority. Without the proper use of valves it is quite easy for a network of tubes to get gummed up. The use of valves is essential.
When you see gasses being vented from a tube, it means different kinds of suction are interfering with each other. The color gives a clue as to the types of suction.
The essentia valve acts much like a normal length of tubing, except it can be turned off by hand or a redstone signal. When this is done the flow off essentia through it will be cut off.
The Essentia Resonator is handy for troubleshooting your tube network. You can use it on a tube or other essentia using device to see what essentia it currently contains and the suction it is applying.
Tubes can be connected and disconnected from their neighbors by clicking on a section of tubing with a wand.
The wand can also be used to click on the central section to rotate certain tubes like the valve.