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Modicon Exchangers.png
Current developersJackyy
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2
Discord serverLink

Exchangers is a mod created by Jackyy with art by ColossalPercy. It adds a group of Exchanger items inspired by the Exchanges added by EnderTech.

Exchangers are used to exchange (swap) blocks in the world with blocks in the player's inventory. When a block is shift right-clicked in the world it will be selected. Right-clicking another block in the world will swap it with the selected block, costing durability or Redstone Flux (RF).

Exchanges beyond the Wooden Exchanger can swap multiple blocks. Pressing the "," key (by default) will change the mode of the Exchanger, allowing for more blocks to be swapped at once. The blocks to be swapped will all be highlighted in the world. The Exchangers will only swap the exact same block right-clicked in a range, not all blocks in the range.

An example Grass Block selection.

The Exchangers[edit | edit source]

Exchanger Tier Durability
RF storage
RF consumption
per block
Size Mod required

Tuberous Exchanger
0 1 N/A

Wooden Exchanger
1 256 1x1

Stone Exchanger
2 384 3x3

Golden Exchanger
3 512 5x5

Iron Exchanger
4 1,024 7x7

Diamond Exchanger
5 4,096 9x9

Emerald Exchanger
6 8,192 11x11

Obsidian Exchanger
7 16,384 13x13

End Exchanger
8 32,768 15x15

Creative Exchanger
9001 Infinite 25x25

Conductive Iron Exchanger
1 80,000 RF 10 RF 3x3 Ender IO

Pulsating Iron Exchanger
2 400,000 RF 50 RF 5x5 Ender IO

Electrical Steel Exchanger
3 800,000 RF 100 RF 9x9 Ender IO

Energetic Exchanger
4 5,000,000 RF 250 RF 11x11 Ender IO

Dark Steel Exchanger
5 10,000,000 RF 500 RF 13x13 Ender IO

Vibrant Exchanger
6 20,000,000 RF 1000 RF 15x15 Ender IO

End Steel Exchanger
7 50,000,000 RF 5000 RF 15x15 Ender IO

LV Exchanger
1 100,000 RF 100 RF 7x7 Immersive Engineering

MV Exchanger
2 500,000 RF 250 RF 11x11 Immersive Engineering

HV Exchanger
3 2,500,000 RF 500 RF 15x15 Immersive Engineering

Basic Exchanger
1 100,000 RF 50 RF 7x7 Mekanism

Advanced Exchanger
2 800,000 RF 100 RF 11x11 Mekanism

Elite Exchanger
3 5,000,000 RF 250 RF 13x13 Mekanism

Ultimate Exchanger
4 10,000,000 RF 500 RF 15x15 Mekanism

Leadstone Exchanger
1 80,000 RF 10 RF 3x3 Thermal Expansion 5

Hardened Exchanger
2 500,000 RF 50 RF 7x7 Thermal Expansion 5

Reinforced Exchanger
3 1,000,000 RF 100 RF 11x11 Thermal Expansion 5

Signalum Exchanger
4 10,000,000 RF 500 RF 13x13 Thermal Expansion 5

Resonant Exchanger
5 20,000,000 RF 1000 RF 15x15 Thermal Expansion 5

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