Explorer's Mystery

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Explorer's Mystery
Maintained bysokratis12GR
Modpack codeexpmys
The Explorer's Mystery is a modpack created for adventure, exploration, magic and technology.
Version info
Current stable1.7

Explorer's Mystery is a CurseForge modpack created by sokratis12GR. In this modpack the player has some main goals to complete: one is to go into late-game content with all the mods and the other is to test the player's skills and knowledge of Minecraft (both vanilla and modded).

Mods Included[edit | edit source]

Mod Name Author(s)
Applied Energistics 2 AlgorithmX2
BiblioCraft JDSinclair
BiblioWoods - Natura JDSinclair
BiblioWoods - Forestry JDSinclair
Botania Vazkii
Brandon's Core brandon3055
Carpenter's Blocks Syntaxial
Chisel 2 TheCricket26
Custom Main Menu lumien231
Deadly World docrobb
Draconic Evolution brandon3055
Ender IO CrazyPants_MC
Ender Storage chicken_bones
ExtraTiC JeanGlassmaker
Iguana Tweaks bonusboni
Inventory Tweaks Kobata
JABBA ProfMobius
Mantle mDiyo
Nether_Ores skyboy026
Portal Gun iChun
Resource Loader lumien231
Tinkers Construct mDiyo
Thaumcraft 4 azanor
Thermal Dynamics TeamCoFH
TiC Tooltips squeek502
Waila ProfMobius
Waila Harvestability squeek502
Wawla - What Are We Looking At darkh4x
Dense Ores RWTema
Extra Utilities RWTema
iChunUtil iChun
Inventory Pets Purplicious_Cow
Iron Chests progwml6
Roguelike Dungeons Greymerk
Thaumic Energistics Nividica
Twilight_Forest Benimatic
Witchery Emoniph
CoFH Core TeamCoFH
JourneyMap techbrew
Thermal Expansion TeamCoFH
Thermal Foundation TeamCoFH
VeinMiner Portablejim
Natura mDiyo
FTB Utilities FTB
DecoCraft RazzleberryFox
Big Reactors ErogenousBeef
Railcraft CovertJaguar
Buildcraft CovertJaguar
FastLeafDecay Olafskii
Forestry SirSengir
Steve's Carts 2 Vswe
Thaumic Tinkerer Vazkii

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