Extendable Wooden Post

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Extendable Wooden Post

ModImmersive Integration
TypeTransparent block
An Extendable Wooden Post will two Treated Wood Fences.

The Extendable Wooden Post is a block added by Immersive Integration. It is the advanced counterpart of the Wooden Post. The Extendable Wooden Post, itself, serves as the base block the new post. Treated Wood Fences can be added atop the Extendable Wooden Post to make it taller. Breaking one of the Treated Wood Fences will drop the fences above it.

Like the Wooden Post, hitting a side of the top block with an Engineer's Hammer will spring an "arm" from it. The arm will automatically flip if a block is placed under it. Holding shift will allow the placement of connectors and transformers on the post.

Recipe[edit | edit source]