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Extra Utilities 2

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Extra Utilities 2
Current developersRWTema
Latest version1.6.8
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2

Extra Utilities 2 is a mod created by RWTema. It is a mod that adds a number of random blocks and items, such as generators, utilities, decorative blocks and the like. It is the continuation of the Extra Utilities mod.

A while ago I started tinkering with Minecraft modding as a way to better learn java. I had no serious intentions of ever making a proper mod so I basically threw in every silly and stupid idea that came to me. Most didn't work or were impractical for a real server but there were a few that I felt had potential and even some that I heard other users wishing they had. So I've decided to take the best ideas, polish it up and release it to the community and see if anyone else likes it.
RWTema, Extra Utilities Author

Energy[edit | edit source]

Extra Utilities 2 uses two energy systems- Grid Power (GP) and Redstone Flux (RF). Grid Power, unlike other energy systems, is player-specific. Generators and consumers do not use wires; generators will generate and consumers will pull to/from the player's personal grid automatically, and there is no maximum capacity/storage. Grid Power functions similar to a point system; a generator will create a particular amount of GP, and a consumer will consume a particular amount of GP. If a consumer does not have enough GP to do its task, it will consume all the GP it can and do nothing. The Power Sharing Command can be used to share energy across players.

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