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FTB Revelation
FTB Revelation.png
Maintained byThe FTB Team
Version info
Current stable1.8.0
Revelation is a general all-purpose pack that is designed for solo play as well as small and medium population servers. This pack contains a mix of magic, tech and exploration mods, and is the largest pack ever built and released by the Feed The Beast Team.
FTB Revelation's CurseForge page

FTB Revelation is a Feed The Beast and CurseForge modpack created by the FTB Team. It is a general, large-sized "kitchen-sink" modpack.

Mods included[edit | edit source]

Mod Authors
/dank/null TheRealp455w0rd
AE2 Stuff bdew
Actually Additions Ellpeck
Actually Baubles Jacky1356400
Advanced Rocketry zmaster587
Akashic Tome Vazkii
AppleSkin squeek502
Applied Energistics 2 AlgorithmX2
ArchitectureCraft darkevilmac
Aroma1997Core Aroma1997
Aroma1997's Dimensional World Aroma1997
Astral Sorcery HellFirePvP
AutoRegLib Vazkii
B.A.S.E lanse505
Bad Wither No Cookie - Reloaded kreezxil
Baubles azanor
BdLib bdew
Bed Patch Mordenkainen3141
Better Advancements Way2muchnoise
Better Builder's Wands Portablejim
BiblioCraft JDSinclair
Binnie's Mods Binnie567
Blockcraftery elucent
Bookshelf darkh4x
Botania Vazkii
Brandon's Core brandon3055
Career Bees RWTema
Chameleon jaquadro
Chest Transporter CubeX2
Chisel tterrag1098
Chisels & Bits AlgorithmX2
Clumps jaredlll08
CoFH Core TeamCoFH
CoFH World TeamCoFH
CodeChickenLib covers1624
Comforts theillusivec4
Compact Machines Davenonymous
Compact Solars progwml6
Compacter bdew
ConnectedTexturesMod tterrag1098
Controlling jaredlll08
Cooking for Blockheads BlayTheNinth
CraftTweaker jaredlll08
Custom Main Menu lumien231
Dark Utilities darkh4x
Deep Resonance McJty
Default Options BlayTheNinth
Diet Hoppers RWTema
Dirt2Path marwat208
Draconic Evolution brandon3055
ET Lunar ValkyrieofNight
ElecCore Elec332
EluLib elucent
Embers elucent
Ender Storage covers1624
Engineers Workshop Reborn modmuss50
Environmental Tech ValkyrieofNight
Exchangers Jacky1356400
Extra Utilities 2 RWTema
ExtraCells2 Destroyer7128
Extreme Reactors ZeroNoRyouki
FTB Utilities FTB
Fence Jumper TheRealp455w0rd
Flat Colored Blocks AlgorithmX2
Flux Networks Ollie_Lansdell
Forestry SirSengir
Gadgetry: Core elucent
Gadgetry: Machines elucent
Gendustry bdew
GraveStone Mod EuhDawson
Guide-API TehNut
Immersive Engineering BluSunrize
Immersive Petroleum Flaxbeard
IndustrialCraft 2 Player
Industrial Foregoing Buuz135
Inventory Tweaks Kobata
Iron Backpacks gr8pefish
Iron Chests progwml6
JEI Bees bdew
JEI Integration SnowShock35
JourneyMap techbrew
Just Enough HarvestCraft mrAppleXZ
Just Enough Items mezz
Just Enough Resources Way2muchnoise
KleeSlabs BlayTheNinth
LibVulpes zmaster587
Light Level Overlay Reloaded oldjunyi
Long Fall Boots NanoHeart
MCMultiPart amadornes
MTLib jaredlll08
Magic Bees MysteriousAges
MalisisCore Ordinastie
MalisisDoors Ordinastie
Mantle mDiyo
McJtyLib McJty
MineTogether Creeperhost
Mob Grinding Utils Vadis365
Mod Name Tooltip mezz
ModTweaker jaredlll08
Morph-o-Tool Vazkii
Morpheus Quetzi
Mouse Tweaks YaLTeR97
Natura mDiyo
Nature's Compass ChaosTheDude
NetherPortalFix BlayTheNinth
Not Enough Wands romelo333
NotEnoughIDs fewizz
NuclearCraft TLJGames
OpenBlocks Elevator VsnGamer
OpenComputers SangarWasTaken
p455w0rd's Library TheRealp455w0rd
Pam's HarvestCraft MatrexsVigil
Placebo Shadows_of_Fire
Platforms ShetiPhian
Quark Vazkii
Quick Leaf Decay lumien231
RFTools McJty
RFTools Control McJty
Ranged Pumps raoulvdberge
ReAuth TechnicianLP
Reborn Core modmuss50
Redstone Arsenal TeamCoFH
Redstone Flux TeamCoFH
Reliquary P3pp3rF1y
Resource Loader lumien231
Roots elucent
Rustic mangoose3039
SecretRoomsMod AbrarSyed
Shadowfacts' Forgelin shadowfactsmc
ShetiPhianCore ShetiPhian
Signals MineMaarten
Simple Void World modmuss50
Snad TheRoBrit
Sonar Core Ollie_Lansdell
Soul Shards: The Old Ways SgtPunishment
Steve's Carts Reborn modmuss50
Storage Drawers jaquadro
Storage Drawers Extras jaquadro
TOP Addons DrManganese
Tesla Core Lib Face_of_Cat
The Lost Cities McJty
The One Probe McJty
Thermal Cultivation TeamCoFH
Thermal Dynamics TeamCoFH
Thermal Expansion 5 TeamCoFH
Thermal Foundation TeamCoFH
Thut's Elevators patnevis
ThutCore patnevis
Tinkers Construct mDiyo
Tinkers' Tool Leveling bonusboni
TipTheScales jaredlll08
TorchMaster xalcon
Traverse ProfessorProspector
UniDict WanionCane
ValkyrieLib ValkyrieofNight
WanionLib WanionCane
Waystones BlayTheNinth
Whoosh imba_knugel
Wireless Crafting Terminal TheRealp455w0rd
XNet McJty
xNICEx McJty
Xtones TehNut
YABBA LatvianModder
ZeroCore ZeroNoRyouki

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