FTB Ultimate Reloaded

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FTB Ultimate Reloaded
FTB Ultimate Reloaded.png
Maintained byFTB
Version info
Current stable1.9.1

FTB Ultimate Reloaded is a modpack developed by the FTB team. It is one of the lighter 1.12.2 modpacks based around the original FTB Ultimate that was released on Minecraft 1.4.7 in 2014.

Mods included[edit | edit source]

Advanced Machines Version
Advanced Solar Panels Version
AE2 Stuff Version
AppleSkin Version
Applied Energistics 2 Version
Aroma1997Core Version
Aroma1997's Dimensional World Version
AutoRegLib Version
Baubles Version
BdLib Version
Better Advancements Version
BiblioCraft Version
Binnie's Mods Version
Blockcraftery Version
Buildcraft Version
CC: Tweaked Version
Charset Crafting Version
Charset Lib Version
ChickenASM Version
Chisel Version
Chisels & Bits Version
CodeChickenLib Version
CoFH Core Version
CoFH World Version
Compact Solars Version
Computronics Version
Controlling Version
Crafting Tweaks Version
CraftTweaker 2 Version
CTM Version
Custom Main Menu Version
Default Options Version
Diet Hoppers Version
Ender Storage Version
Energy Converters Version
Fancy Fluid Storage Version
FastWorkbench Version
Flat Colored Blocks Version
FoamFix Version
Forestry Version
Forgelin Version
Forge Multipart CBE Version
FTB Library Version
FTB Utilities Version
Gravitation Suite Version
Gravity Gun Version
GuideAPI Version
Harvest Version
iChunUtil Version
Immersive Cables Version
Immersive Engineering Version
IndustrialCraft 2 Version
Industrial Foregoing Version
Integration Foregoing Version
Inventory Tweaks Version
Iron Chests Version
JEI Bees Version
JEI Integration Version
JEI Version
Just Enough Energistics Version
Long Fall Boots Version
Magic Bees Version
MCMultiPart Version
Modular Force Field Systems Version
MineTogether Version
Mod Name Tooltip Version
ModTweaker Version
Modular Routers Version
Modular Powersuits Version
More Overlays Version
Morph-o-Tool Version
Morpheus Version
Mouse Tweaks Version
MrTJPCore Version
MTLib Version
MysticalLib Version
Netherending Ores Version
Placebo Version
Player Plates Version
PortalGun Version
ProjectRed Base Version
ProjectRed Compat Version
ProjectRed Fabrication Version
ProjectRed Integration Version
ProjectRed Lighting Version
ProjectRed Mechanical Version
ProjectRed World Version
ProjectE Version
Railcraft Version
RandomPatches Version
ReAuth Version
RebornCore Version
RedstoneFlux Version
Reliquary Version
ResourceLoader Version
Retro Exchange Version
Silverfish Version
SimpleCorn Version
SmoothFont Version
Soul Shards Respawn Version
Splash Animation Version
Steves Carts Version
Tech Reborn Version
Tesla Core Lib Version
Thaumcraft Version
Thaumic Energistics Version
ThaumicJEI Version
Thaumic Tinkerer Version
The One Probe Version
Thermal Dynamics Version
Thermal Expansion Version
Thermal Foundation Version
Tip The Scales Version
Toast Control Version
TOP Addons Version
TorchMaster Version
Traverse Legacy Version
Twilight Forest Version
UniDict Version
WanionLib Version
World Control Version
WR-CBE Version
Xaero's World Map Version
Xaero's Minimap Version
YABBA Version

Note: This list has been generated by the mod file names.

"Feed The Beast"

"name" = ""Navbox Feed The Beast"" "state" = ""plain""