Fabric API

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Current developersmodmuss50, asiekierka, and contributors
Latest version0.14.2 build 373 for 20w27a
0.14.0 build 371 for 1.16.1,
0.10.8 build 310 for MC 1.15.2,
0.8.2 build 252 for MC 1.14.4
Latest Minecraft version1.15.2

The Fabric API is an API used by Fabric mods to interact better with vanilla Minecraft. required by most but not all Fabric mods in the mods folder. It is highly modularized and has a few submods; this design allow mods that only use a fraction of the API to use that part instead of requiring players to install the entire API.

It currently supports 1.15.2 & 1.16.1 release versions along with the latest snapshot 20w27a. It also supports the latest combat test (currently combat test 5).