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This page is about the Facade added by BuildCraft. For other uses, see Facade.

TypeTransparent block

The Facade is a Buildcraft item that allows the player to hide piping behind specific block faces, such as hiding piping on the floor behind what appears to be Oak Wood Planks. Facades come in two styles; one which is complete and can be used to block connections, and another with a hole in the middle to allow pipes to pass. Most vanilla blocks can be made into facades, plus a few other blocks from mods. Facades can be placed on all open sides of a pipe.

Golden Fluid Pipes hidden behind a dirt facade.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Facades are made in an Assembly Table using 8000 MJ per process using this recipe:

The following can be made into facades:

Resource Blocks

Grass Block






Soul Sand


Cobblestone Slab


Stone Slab

Stone Monster Egg

Stone Bricks

Stone Bricks Slab

Stone Brick Monster Egg

Mossy Stone Bricks

Cracked Stone Bricks

Chiseled Stone Bricks


End Stone

Moss Stone


Bricks Slab

Nether Brick

Nether Brick Slab



Chiseled Sandstone

Smooth Sandstone

Sandstone Slab

Coal Ore

Iron Ore

Gold Ore

Redstone Ore

Lapis Lazuli Ore

Diamond Ore

Emerald Ore

Block of Iron

Block of Gold

Block of Diamond

Block of Emerald


Lapis Lazuli Block
Wood Blocks

Oak Wood

Oak Wood Planks

Oak Wood Slab

Spruce Wood

Spruce Wood Planks

Spruce Wood Slab

Birch Wood

Birch Wood Planks

Birch Wood Slab

Jungle Wood

Jungle Wood Planks

Jungle Wood Slab

Wooden Slab
Wool Blocks

White Wool

Orange Wool

Magenta Wool

Light Blue Wool

Yellow Wool

Lime Wool

Pink Wool

Gray Wool

Light Gray Wool

Cyan Wool

Purple Wool

Blue Wool

Brown Wool

Green Wool

Red Wool

Black Wool
Other Blocks

Mushroom (block)


Jack 'o' Lantern





Redstone Lamp

Crafting Table
ExtrabiomesXL Blocks

Red Rock

Red Cobblestone

Red Rock Brick

Cracked Sand

Fir Log

Fir Wood Planks

Acacia Log

Acacia Wood Planks

Redwood Log

Redwood Planks

Oak Log


Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Facades following the naming convention "Facade: {block name}" where {block name} is the original block it was built from. For example, the Oak Wood Planks facade is named "Facade: Oak Wood Planks."
  • It is possible to obtain uncraftable facades for other blocks, such as furnaces, cacti, rails, or machines by using this command /give 19397 {amount} {data}, where:
{amount} = the quantity desired
{data} = 16 x [item block id] + 4.
  • For example, to obtain one facade of a cactus (item ID 81), the formula is 16 x 81 + 4 = 1300, so the command is /give 19397 1 1300.