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This page is a translated version of the page Feed The Beast Wiki:All templates and the translation is 9% complete.

Esta página contiene una lista de todas las plantillas disponibles para su uso en esta wiki.

Document layout formatting templates

  • {{-}} clears floating elements with a line break.
  • {{Clear}} clears floating elements with a div.
  • {{Tocright}} forcefully moves auto-generated tables of contents to the right of the article.

CSS templates

  • {{Column-count}} is a shortcut for creating columns in CSS.
  • {{Column-width}} is a shortcut for creating columns in CSS with a set width.

Plantillas generales

  • {{,}} creates a bold middot.
  • {{}} creates a bullet.
  • {{C}} creates a link to a category.
  • {{Color}} colorea el texto.
  • {{ForumPost}} creates a link to a forum post.
  • {{ForumThread}} creates a link to a forum thread
  • {{IRC}} creates a irc:// and a webchat link to any provided IRC server and channel.
  • {{FTB-IRC}} creates a irc:// and a webchat link to the FTB IRC.
  • {{FTB-Wiki-IRC}} creates a irc:// and a webchat link to the FTB-Wiki IRC.
  • {{FTB-Wiki-recentchanges-IRC}} creates a irc:// and a webchat link to the FTB-Wiki-recentchanges IRC.
  • {{History}} generates a table listing changes in past and future versions.
  • {{Lowercase title}} makes the first letter of the page title lower case.
  • {{N}} - Animation/slideshow wrapper.
  • {{QuoteBox}} creates a quote box.
  • {{Tracking}}{{Shortened}} displays the reason why a shortened link is present.
  • {{Sic}} marks errors that are present in the source text.
  • {{Status}} displays an image with some bold text, intended to be used with polls.
  • {{Statusbox}} displays the backlog level of certain stuffs.
  • {{U}} creates a link to a user.
  • {{WhatLinksHere}} creates a link to the page that lists what pages link to the page.
  • {{Markup}} presents code or markup side by side with the rendered output.
  • {{Reflist}} provides formatting and organizational features for footnotes.
  • {{Refn}} allows nested references.

Interwiki templates

  • {{Meta}} creates a link to a page on metawiki.
  • {{EER}}{{Edit external redirect}} gives a link to edit an external interwiki redirect
  • {{Wikt}} creates a link to a page on Wiktionary.

Plantillas para páginas de conversación

  • {{Outdent}} outdents a conversation with lots of nested messages.
  • {{Unsigned}} adds a signature to an unsigned post, with a notice that the post was unsigned.
  • {{Undated}} adds a date to an undated post, with a notice that the post was undated.

Plantillas para imágenes

  • {{Compatible Hulls}} creates a list of compatible hull icons for the modular cost provided.
  • {{P}} displays the image icon for the provided item.
  • {{P16}} displays a 16 by 16 pixel image icon for the provided item.
  • {{Pn}} displays the item's image icon and a link to the item's page.
  • {{PnD}} displays the item's image icon and a disambiguated link to the item's page.

Escape character metatemplates

  • {{!!}} equivalent to ||.
  • {{=}} equivalent to =.
  • {{(}} equivalent to {{.
  • {{((}} equivalent to {{{.
  • {{)}} equivalent to }}.
  • {{))}} equivalent to }}}.
  • {{Trans}} equivalent to <translate>.
  • {{Transend}} equivalent to </translate>.

Logical and conditional metatemplates

  • {{A}} returns a or an based on the input.

Hatnote templates

  • {{About}} creates a hatnote to disambiguation pages or to other pages.
  • {{Credit}} creates a hatnote crediting the original content creator.
  • {{Main}} creates a hatnote linking to the main article of a section.
  • {{See also}} creates a hatnote linking to related content.
  • {{Outdated}} creates a hatnote indicating that the below information pertains to out-of-date versions of a mod.
  • {{Correct title}} creates a hatnote noting that the title is incorrect due to MediaWiki's technical issues.
  • {{Added by}} creates a hatnote for materials and material forms, and categorizes it.

Meta-plantillas general

  • {{Ambox}} crea un mensaje caja de artículo.
  • {{Ambox/core}} crea el nucléo de un mensaje caja de artículo.
  • {{Ambox/small}} crea el nucléo de un mensaje caja de artículo pequeño.
  • {{Dated}} fecha mensajes cajas de artículos.
  • {{Kappa}} joke "Kappa" (Kappa.png) template.
  • {{Level}} vuelve el nivel de la entrada basada a en una escala fija.
  • {{Main other}} ayuda plantillas otras detectan si ellos son en una mainspace (artículo) página o algunos "otros" tipo de página.
  • {{Transclude}} resolve nombres de págineas como serían manejó por processo de plantilla-transclusion de MediaWiki.
  • {{Markup/row}} presenta código o markup lado a lado con la dio salida.
  • {{Inline tag}} creates an inline maintenance tag.

User warning/notice templates

  • {{AN-notice}} notifies a user of an issue the user is involved.
  • {{Uw-articlesig}} warns the user to not to include signatures in articles.
  • {{Uw-categories}} warns the user to include categories in articles.
  • {{Uw-editsummary}} warns the user to include an edit summary when making edits.
  • {{Uw-english}} warns the user to use english when discussing on talk pages.
  • {{Uw-infobox}} warns the user to include infoboxes on articles.
  • {{Uw-langbar}} warns the user to include langbars in articles.
  • {{Uw-preview}} warns the user to use the preview button before saving.
  • {{Uw-signature}} warns the user to sign messages on talk pages.
  • {{Uw-templatedoc1}} (Good Faith) (Level 1) warns the user to update the documentation after editing templates.
  • {{Uw-templatedoc2}} (Good Faith) (Level 2) warns the user to update the documentation after editing templates.
  • {{Uw-templatelist1}} (Good Faith) (Level 1) warns the user to update the template list after creating a template.
  • {{Uw-templatesummary1}} (Good Faith) (Level 1) warns the user to add a summary when editing templates.
  • {{Uw-templatesummary2}} (Good Faith) (Level 2) warns the user to add a summary when editing templates.
  • {{Uw-ublock-famous}} notifies the user of the reason of a block.
  • {{Uw-userpage}} (Good Faith) warns the user to follow the user page guideline.

Plantillas para Abejas

  • {{Attributes}} displays the attributes of bees that aren't locked to species.
  • {{Bee}} displays the attributes of bees that are locked to species.
  • {{Branch}} lists the members of a branch of bees.
  • {{Comb}} shows the result of a centrifuged comb. This template also lists bees that produces the comb.
  • {{Mutates-from}} displays the mutations needed to result in this bee.
  • {{Mutates-to}} displays the mutations where this bee is one of the parents.
  • {{Produce}} lists the bees that produces a product.

Plantillas para Árboles

  • {{Tree}} displays the attributes of trees that are locked to species.
  • {{Tree-Attributes}} displays the attributes of trees that aren't locked to species.
  • {{Tree-Branch}} lists the members of a branch of trees.
  • {{Tree-Mutates-from}} displays the mutations needed to result in the tree.
  • {{Tree-Mutates-to}} displays the mutations where this tree is one of the parents.

Phantom templates

Plantillas de I18n

  • {{Being translated}} displays a notice stating that the page is being translated.
  • {{L}} creates a language link.
  • {{Language}} returns the name of the provided language code.
  • {{PageLanguage}} detects the language of the page.
  • {{Proofreader needed}} requests proofreading for a translated page.
  • {{RFT}}{{RfT}} requests translation for the page.
  • {{Translation WIP}} displays a notice stating that the page is a work in progress translation.

Maintenance templates

Plantillas para documentación

  • {{Doc}} displays the default documentation.
  • {{Documentation}} transcludes template documentation.

Documentation metatemplates

  • {{Doc/End}} creates the end of the documentation boilerplate.
  • {{Doc/Start}} creates the start of the documentation boilerplate.
  • {{TC}} categorizes a template from the documentation.
  • {{Tl}} displays a template link surrounded by double braces.
  • {{Ml}} creates a link for modules.

Infobox templates

Do-It-Yourself Infobox Templates

Meta-plantilla de Nevagación

File license templates

  • {{PD}} displays a public domain license for files.
  • {{PD Help Page}} displays a public domain license for help pages.

Tooltip templates

  • {{Tooltip}} creates a minecraft tooltip when hovering over an element.
  • {{Tooltip title}} strips formatting from the tooltip.

Article message templates

  • {{Vanilla}} marks pages made for vanilla items and links to the Minecraft wiki.
  • {{User Retired}} makes a notice on the top of a retired user's talkpage, asking current contributors to not to bother the user.
  • {{List}} marks articles as lists.
  • {{Auto List}} marks articles as automatically generating lists.
  • {{ArchivedPage}} marks pages with a notice stating the page has been archived and not to edit it anymore.

Experimental templates

  • {{X1}} Experimental template 1.
  • {{X2}} Experimental template 2.
  • {{X3}} Experimental template 3.
  • {{X4}} Experimental template 4.
  • {{X5}} Experimental template 5.
  • {{X6}} Experimental template 6.
  • {{X7}} Experimental template 7.
  • {{X8}} Experimental template 8.
  • {{X9}} Experimental template 9.

Crafting grid templates

Nombre de la plantilla Nombre de la máquina Nombre del mod
{{Cg/Achievement}} Logros N/A
{{Cg/Alchemic Chemistry Set}} Alchemic Chemistry Set Blood Magic
{{Cg/Algorithm Separator}} Algorithm Separator Calculator
{{Cg/Alloy Furnace/NuclearCraft}} Alloy Furnace NuclearCraft
{{Cg/Alloy Furnace}} Alloy Furnace RedPower 2
{{Cg/Alloy Smelter}} Alloy Smelter GregTech
{{Cg/Ancestral Infuser Craft}} Ancestral Infuser (craft) Better With Addons
{{Cg/Ancestral Infuser Transmutation}} Ancestral Infuser (transmutation) Better With Addons
{{Cg/Arcane Worktable}} Arcane Worktable Thaumcraft 4
{{Cg/Assembler}} Assembling Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Assembling Machine}} DEPRECATED Assembling Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Assembly Table}} Assembly Table BuildCraft
{{Cg/Astral Sorcery/Grindstone}} Grindstone (Astral Sorcery) Astral Sorcery
{{Cg/Atomic Calculator}} Atomic Calculator Calculator
{{Cg/Atomic Reshaper}} Atomic Reshaper Prodigy Tech
{{Cg/Automatic Canning Machine}} DEPRECATED Automatic Canning Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Automatic Wiremill}} DEPRECATED Automatic Wiremill GregTech
{{Cg/Bath}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Bath}} Bath GregTech 6
{{Cg/Better With Mods/Cauldron}} Caldero Mejor Con Mods
{{Cg/Blacksmith's Anvil}} Blacksmith's Anvil Mariculture
{{Cg/Blast Furnace/RotaryCraft}} Blast Furnace RotaryCraft
{{Cg/Blast Furnace}} Blast Furnace IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Block Cutting Machine}} Block Cutting Machine IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Blood Altar}} Blood Altar Blood Magic
{{Cg/Botanical Brewery}} Botanical Brewery Botania
{{Cg/Bottling Plant}} Bottling Plant IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Brewery}} Brewery ExtraTrees
{{Cg/Brewing Machine}} Brewery GregTech
{{Cg/Brewing Stand}} Brewing Stand Vanilla Minecraft
{{Cg/Bronze Blast Furnace}} Bronze Blast Furnace GregTech
{{Cg/Calculator}} Calculator Calculator
{{Cg/Canning Machine/GregTech 6}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Canning Machine}} Canning Machine GregTech 6
{{Cg/Canning Machine/GregTech}} Canning Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Canning Machine/Legacy}} Old Canning Machine IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Canning Machine}} Current Canning Machine IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Carpenter}} Carpenter Forestry
{{Cg/Casting}} Casting Basin/Casting Table Tinkers' Construct
{{Cg/Celestial Altar}} Celestial Altar Astral Sorcery
{{Cg/Centrifuge/GregTech 6}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Centrifuge}} Centrifuge GregTech 6
{{Cg/Centrifuge/GregTech}} Centrifuge GregTech
{{Cg/Centrifuge}} Centrifuge Forestry
{{Cg/Chemical Decomposer}} Chemical Decomposer MineChem
{{Cg/Chemical Dissolution Chamber}} Chemical Dissolution Chamber Mekanism
{{Cg/Chemical Injection Chamber}} Chemical Injection Chamber Mekanism
{{Cg/Chemical Reactor (NuclearCraft)}} Chemical Reactor NuclearCraft
{{Cg/Chemical Reactor}} Chemical Reactor GregTech
{{Cg/Chemical Synthesizer}} Chemical Synthesizer MineChem
{{Cg/Cherrywood Drying Unit}} Cherrywood Drying Unit Better With Addons
{{Cg/Cherrywood Soaking Unit}} Cherrywood Soaking Unit Better With Addons
{{Cg/Coagulator}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Coagulator}} Coagulator GregTech 6
{{Cg/Coke Oven}} Coke Oven Railcraft
{{Cg/Compressor}} Compressor IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Conductor Mast}} Conductor Mast Calculator
{{Cg/Crafting Table}} Mesa de Trabajo Vanilla Minecraft
{{Cg/Crucible}} Crucible Thaumcraft 4
{{Cg/Cyberware Engineering Table Craft}} Cyberware Engineering Table (crafting) Cyberware
{{Cg/Cyberware Engineering Table Dismantle}} Cyberware Engineering Table (dismantling) Cyberware
{{Cg/Dire Crafting Table}} Dire Crafting Table Avaritia
{{Cg/Distillery/Extra Trees}} Distillery Extra Trees
{{Cg/Distillery/GregTech 6}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Distillery}} Distillery GregTech 6
{{Cg/Distillery/GregTech}} Distillery GregTech
{{Cg/Distillery}} Distillery Brujería
{{Cg/Dryer}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Dryer}} Dryer GregTech 6
{{Cg/Electrolyser}} Electrolyser NuclearCraft
{{Cg/Electrolytic Separator}} Electrolytic Separator Mekanism
{{Cg/Electrolyzer}} Electrolyzer IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Enhancer}} Enhancer The Mists of RioV 2
{{Cg/Enrichment Chamber}} Enrichment Chamber Mekanism
{{Cg/Essence Refiner}} Essence Refiner Ars Magica 2
{{Cg/Evaporator}} Evaporator Salty Mod
{{Cg/Explosion Furnace}} Explosion Furnace Prodigy Tech
{{Cg/Extraction Chamber}} Extraction Chamber Calculator
{{Cg/Extractor}} Extractor IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Extruder}} Extruder GregTech
{{Cg/Fabrication Chamber}} Fabrication Chamber Calculator
{{Cg/Fermenter/GregTech 6}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Fermenter}} Fermenter GregTech 6
{{Cg/Fermenter/GregTech}} Fermenter GregTech
{{Cg/Fermenter/RotaryCraft}} Fermenter RotaryCraft
{{Cg/Fermenter}} Fermenter IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Flawless Calculator}} Flawless Calculator Calculator
{{Cg/Fluid Canner}} Fluid Canner GregTech
{{Cg/Fluid Solidifier}} Fluid Solidifier GregTech
{{Cg/Forging Hammer}} Forging Hammer Practical Logistics 2
{{Cg/Freezer}} Freezer Falling Meteors Mod
{{Cg/Fruit Press}} Fruit Press Extra Trees
{{Cg/Furnace}} Furnace Vanilla Minecraft
{{Cg/Fusion Reactor (NuclearCraft)}} Fusion Reactor NuclearCraft
{{Cg/Fusion Reactor}} DEPRECATED Fusion Reactor GregTech
{{Cg/GregTech 6/Crusher}} Crusher GregTech 6
{{Cg/GregTech 6/Distillation Tower}} Distillation Tower GregTech 6
{{Cg/GregTech 6/Freezer}} Freezer GregTech 6
{{Cg/GregTech 6/Lathe}} Lathe GregTech 6
{{Cg/GregTech 6/Roll Bender}} Roll Bender GregTech 6
{{Cg/GregTech 6/Shredder}} Shredder GregTech 6
{{Cg/GregTech 6/Sifter}} Sifter GregTech 6
{{Cg/Grinder}} Grinder RotaryCraft
{{‎Cg/Hellfire Forge}} Hellfire Forge Blood Magic
{{‎Cg/High Oven}} High Oven Tinkers' Steelworks
{{Cg/High-Tech Bench}} Banco de Trabajo de Alta Tecnología ArmaduraMás
{{Cg/Implosion Compressor}} DEPRECATED Implosion Compressor GregTech
{{Cg/Induction Smelter}} Induction Smelter Thermal Expansion
{{Cg/Industrial Blast Furnace}} DEPRECATED Industrial Blast Furnace GregTech
{{Cg/Industrial Centrifuge}} DEPRECATED Industrial Centrifuge GregTech
{{Cg/Industrial Electrolyzer}} DEPRECATED Industrial Electrolyzer GregTech
{{Cg/Industrial Grinder}} DEPRECATED Industrial Grinder GregTech
{{Cg/Industrial Sawmill}} DEPRECATED Industrial Sawmill GregTech
{{Cg/Infuser}} Infuser The Mists of RioV
{{Cg/Infusion Altar}} Infusion Altar Thaumcraft 4
{{Cg/Injector}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Injector}} Injector GregTech 6
{{Cg/Inscriber}} Inscriber Applied Energistics 2
{{Cg/Integration Table}} Integration Table BuildCraft
{{Cg/Iridescent Altar}} Iridescent Altar Astral Sorcery
{{Cg/Juicer}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Juicer}} Juicer GregTech 6
{{Cg/Kettle}} Kettle Brujería
{{Cg/Kiln}} Horno Mejor Con Mods
{{Cg/Lathe}} DEPRECATED Lathe GregTech
{{Cg/Lens Grinder}} Lens Grinder Silimatics
{{Cg/Liquid Transposer}} Liquid Transposer Thermal Expansion
{{Cg/Luminous Crafting Table}} Luminous Crafting Table Astral Sorcery
{{Cg/Macerator}} Macerator IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Magma Crucible}} Magma Crucible Thermal Expansion
{{Cg/Magnetic Reassembler}} Magnetic Reassembler Prodigy Tech
{{Cg/Mana Infusion}} Mana Pool Botania
{{Cg/Manufactory}} Manufactory NuclearCraft
{{Cg/Mariculture/Sifter}} Sifter (Mariculture) Mariculture
{{Cg/Metal Bender}} Bending Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Metal Former}} Metal Former IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Metallurgic Infuser}} Metallurgic Infuser Mekanism
{{Cg/Mill Stone}} Muela de Molino Mejor Con Mods
{{Cg/Mixer/GregTech 6}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Mixer}} Mixer GregTech 6
{{Cg/Mixer}} Mixer GregTech
{{Cg/Molecular Transformer}} Molecular Transformer Advanced Solars
{{Cg/Moonlight Circle}} Moonlight Circle Roots 2
{{Cg/Mortar/Roots 2}} Mortar (Roots 2) Roots 2
{{Cg/Mortar}} Mortar Roots
{{Cg/Multiblock}} The World N/A
{{Cg/Netted Screen Water}} Netted Screen (Water configuration) Better With Addons
{{Cg/Neutron Irradiator}} Neutron Irradiator NuclearCraft
{{Cg/Ore Washing Plant}} Ore Washing Plant IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Oven}} Oven (Pam's HarvestCraft) Pam's HarvestCraft
{{Cg/Petal Apothecary}} Petal Apothecary Botania
{{Cg/Plate Bending Machine}} DEPRECATED Plate Bending Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Plate Cutting Machine}} DEPRECATED Plate Cutting Machine GregTech
{{Cg/Precision Chamber}} Precision Chamber Calculator
{{Cg/Precision Laser Engraver}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Precision Laser Engraver}} Laser Engraver GregTech 6
{{Cg/Presser}} Presser Pam's HarvestCraft
{{Cg/Pressurizer}} Pressurizer NuclearCraft
{{Cg/Press}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Press}} Press GregTech 6
{{Cg/Printing Factory}} DEPRECATED Printing Factory GregTech
{{Cg/Pulverizer}} Pulverizer Thermal Expansion
{{Cg/Purification Chamber}} Purification Chamber Mekanism
{{Cg/Pyre}} Pyre Roots 2
{{Cg/QED}} QED Extra Utilities
{{Cg/Quern}} Quern Pam's HarvestCraft
{{Cg/Recycler}} Recycler IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Redstone Furnace}} Redstone Furnace Thermal Expansion
{{Cg/RioV Anvil}} Anvil The Mists of RioV
{{Cg/Rock Crusher}} Rock Crusher Railcraft
{{Cg/Rolling Machine}} Rolling Machine Railcraft
{{Cg/Rotary Grinder}} Rotary Grinder Prodigy Tech
{{Cg/Runic Altar}} Runic Altar Botania
{{Cg/Sawmill}} Sawmill Thermal Expansion
{{Cg/Scientific Calculator}} Scientific Calculator Calculator
{{Cg/Sifter}} Sand Sifter Silimatics
{{Cg/Smeltery Alloying}} Smeltery Tinkers' Construct
{{Cg/Smeltery Melting}} Smeltery Tinkers' Construct
{{Cg/Solderer (Prodigy Tech)}} Solderer Prodigy Tech
{{Cg/Solid Canner}} Solid Canner IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Soul Forge}} Soul Forge Soul Shards 1
{{Cg/Soulforged Steel Anvil}} Yunque de Acero Forjado de Alma Mejor Con Mods
{{Cg/Spinning Wheel}} Spinning Wheel Brujería
{{Cg/Squeezer/GregTech 6}}{{Cg/GregTech 6/Squeezer}} Squeezer GregTech 6
{{Cg/Squeezer}} Squeezer Forestry
{{Cg/Starlight Crafting Altar}} Starlight Crafting Altar Astral Sorcery
{{Cg/Starlight Infuser}} Starlight Infuser Astral Sorcery
{{Cg/Steam Heater}} Steam Heater or Steam Heater Flaxbeard's Steam Power or Esteemed Innovation
{{Cg/Stencil Table}} Stencil Table Tinkers' Construct
{{Cg/Still}} Still Forestry
{{Cg/Stoked Cauldron}} Caldero Avivado
Crisol Avivado
Mejor Con Mods
{{Cg/Stone Separator}} Stone Separator Calculator
{{Cg/Tatara}} Tatara Better With Addons
{{Cg/Thermal Centrifuge}} Thermal Centrifuge IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Thermionic Fabricator}} Thermionic Fabricator Forestry
{{Cg/Turning Table}} Turning Table IndustrialCraft 2
{{Cg/Turntable}} Torno de Alfarero Mejor Con Mods
{{Cg/Ulti-Tech Bench}} Banco de Trabajo de Tecnología Extrema ArmaduraMás
{{Cg/Vacuum Freezer}} DEPRECATED Vacuum Freezer GregTech
{{Cg/Vat}} Vat Mariculture
{{Cg/Wearable Fabricator}} Wearable Fabricator Wearables
{{Cg/Witch's Cauldron}} Witch's Cauldron Brujería
{{Cg/Witches Oven}} Witches Oven Brujería
{{Cg/Workbench}} Banco de Trabajo ArmaduraMás
{{Cg/Worktable}} Worktable RotaryCraft

Crafting grid metatemplates

Thaumcraft aspect templates

Navigation templates

Miscellaneous templates

  • {{IC2 Experimental}} displays a message if an item has been removed in the experimental builds of IC2.
  • {{Crlf}} creates a true carriage return and line feed.
  • {{Efn}} creates explanatory notes.
  • {{Notelist}} creates a section of explanatory notes that were specified by {{Efn}}.
  • {{Fake heading}} creates text that would appear as a heading, but does not appear in the table of contents.
  • {{Tag}} provides a quick way to mention XML tags in a pre-formatted way.
  • {{Mod}} implements the mathematical modulo operator. Used for within the {{Rand}} template to generate pseudo-random numbers.
  • {{Rand}} generates a pseudo-random number between 0 and count-1.
  • {{IC2 Crop}} makes a list of all the growth stages for IC2 crops.
  • {{IP}} creates a Cool IP Award to be placed on the talk pages of IP Address users who contribute constructively.
  • {{Uw-support}} creates a message telling a user that the FTB Wiki is not the correct place to ask questions or complain about FTB mod packs.
  • {{WikiDepth}} calculates the article depth of the wiki.
  • {{WikiDepthBalanced}} calculates the "balanced" depth of the wiki.
  • {{ROC Math}} creates a short section containing RotaryCraft machine speed math.
  • {{Issue Link}} creates a formatted link to a GitHub issue.
  • {{ML}} creates a disambiguated link for a provided mod.
  • {{Alphabetical category list}} provides a set of links to a category sorted alphabetically.
  • {{Shanks}} displays Minecraft hunger and saturation values as shanks like displayed in the game.
  • {{Effect}} displays a Minecraft status effect icon with the percent chance to get it, its duration, and its amplifier.
  • {{Armor}} displays Minecraft armor shields like displayed in the game.
  • {{Health}} displays Minecraft heart bars like displayed in the game.
  • {{Ticks}} displays a duration in in-game ticks and converts it to seconds/minutes/hours/days when hovered over.


Principal páginas: Feed The Beast Wiki:Userboxes
  • {{Userbox/Staff}} displays a userbox for FTB Wiki staff, FTB Wiki admins, or FTB staff.
  • {{Userbox/Curator}} displays a heavily customizable userbox for mod maintainers.

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