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Welcome to the Category overhaul project.

Goals[edit source]

  • To remove all pages in top-level categories, or categories in the Search by Category category.
  • To encourage and implement use of more descriptive categories.
  • To (re)move all categories with non-descriptive names.
  • To improve the various lists of categories to help users find useful categories for both viewing and editing purposes.

Progress[edit source]

  • Phase 1: Yes check.pngComplete.
  • Phase 2: X mark.pngNot ready.

Phases[edit source]

The category overhaul is organized into two different phases, due to the project's size.

Phase 1[edit source]

See also: User:TheSatanicSanta/Sandbox#Category overhaul phase 1

Yes check.pngComplete. In this phase we will be replacing and re-evaluating the usage of certain categories. New categories, such as Machines that use solid fuels, are created and implemented into relevant pages.

Yes check.pngComplete enough. There are a few more pages and categories that are not completed, but it is complete enough for this to be considered done. Phase 1 will remove all top-level category pages. Categories that only have one category, Search by Category, or other top-level categories, should never have articles in them. Instead they should only contain sub-categories. As such, the pages in these categories will be recategorized to use sub-categories.

Yes check.pngComplete. Phase 1 will officially be complete when the category hierarchy template is overhauled.

Phase 2[edit source]

See also: User:TheSatanicSanta/Sandbox#Category overhaul phase 2

Yes check.pngComplete enough to move on as a phase. In this phase we add additional categories to all the pages and articles on the wiki. This phase is in semi-effect, in that new pages should be created with all relevant categories, unlike what the old policy allowed for.

X mark.pngIn progress. We will also document what types of pages belong in the category, like Wikipedia does. See Creating category pages on Wikipedia.

Project members[edit source]

The primary user contributing to this project is TheSatanicSanta, though any willing user is encouraged to contribute. In case the user is not 100% positive what they are using, they should first contact TheSatanicSanta (t · c).

Scottkillen is helping with this project by implementing default categories in infoboxes.

Discussion[edit source]

For discussion and background information on the project, please see the discussion topic on the community discussion board.