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Welcome to the Template documentation project.

Warning[edit source]

The new system will not be backwards compatible, old crafting grids will be automatically converted to the new crafting grids. You are safe to continue to use the current system but please do not modify the old grid templates.

Goals[edit source]

  • Increase the implementation of stuff that grids support.
  • Ease the creation of crafting grid templates.
  • ...and more...

Links[edit source]

Progress[edit source]

100% (25/25)
100% (25/25)

Preparations[edit source]

  • Yes check.pngDone. Protect crafting grid templates.

Code[edit source]

  • Black check.pngAlready done. Code animation.
  • Yes check.pngDone. Code crafting grid controls.

Grid[edit source]

  • Yes check.pngDone. Style grids.
  • Yes check.pngDone. Create grids template.

Animation[edit source]

  • Yes check.pngDone. Create crafting grid controls to flip through different crafting recipes.
  • Yes check.pngDone. Create "activate animation" wrapping metatemplate.
  • Yes check.pngDone. Create "activate controls" wrapping metatemplate.

Tooltips[edit source]

  • Yes check.pngDone. Code support for variables in tooltips.

Ore Dictionary[edit source]

  • Yes check.pngDone. Create Ore Dictionary template
  • Yes check.pngDone. Create Ore Dictionary activation template
  • Yes check.pngDone. Populate Ore Dictionary

Tanks[edit source]

  • Yes check.pngDone. Create tanks template.
  • Yes check.pngDone. Tank image truncation script.
  • Yes check.pngDone. Tank image helper.

Crafting Grids[edit source]

  • Yes check.pngDone. Create "cells" metatemplate for crafting grid creation.
  • Yes check.pngDone. Create "tanks" metatemplate for crafting grid creation.
  • Yes check.pngDone. Create a crafting grid metatemplate.
  • Yes check.pngDone. Recreate all crafting grids.
  • Yes check.pngDone. Create documentation cell.

Cleanup[edit source]

Crafting grids[edit source]

100% (42/42)
100% (42/42)

Crafting grids documentation[edit source]

100% (42/42)
100% (42/42)

Scope[edit source]

  • Crafting grids and related templates.

Project Members[edit source]

Please add your name to the list if you wish to participate in this project.

Template list[edit source]

This is a list of experimental and final templates that the project is currently using.

Experimental templates[edit source]

Final templates[edit source]

  • Yes check.pngDocumented. {{G}} - Main grid wrapper.
  • Yes check.pngDocumented. {{Cg}} - Crafting grid components.
  • X mark.pngDeprecated. {{G/Dict}} - Ore Dictionary.
  • Yes check.pngDocumented. {{G/T}} > {{G/Tank}} - Single tank wrapper.
  • Yes check.pngDocumented. {{Gc}} > {{G/Cell}} - Grid display logic.
  • Yes check.pngDocumented. {{Gcd}} > {{G/Cell doc}} - Documentation cell
  • Yes check.pngDocumented. {{I}} - Creates a image wrapped in the span tag, used in crafting grids.
  • Yes check.pngDocumented. {{N}} - Animation/slideshow wrapper
  • Yes check.pngDocumented. {{O}} > {{G/O}} - Ore dictionary wrapper, call by tag.
  • Yes check.pngDocumented. {{S}} - Creates a string wrapped in the span tag, used in crafting grids.
  • Yes check.pngDocumented. {{T}} - Liquid display logic, used in crafting grids.

Prototypes[edit source]

Working prototypes[edit source]

Future code example[edit source]

Single crafting grids[edit source]

This is what the code to create single crafting grids will look like in the future.

 |I={{G|Oak Wood}}
 |F={{G|Oak Wood Planks|tooltiptext=$1<br><span class="tcAspectTooltipDesc">Can smelt 1.5 items.</span>}}
Code Explanation[edit source]
  • Line 1: No more Grid/ prefix in front of crafting grid templates.
  • Line 2-4: Instead of providing a list of items to the crafting grid template, you give it a list of grids that can be fully customized. A redirect will be made for less typing (G->Grid).
  • {{G|Oak Wood}} and {{G|Oak Wood Planks|...}}: A animation will display ore dict compatible items.
  • {{G|Oak Wood Planks|tooltiptext=$1<br><span class="tcAspectTooltipDesc">Can smelt 1.5 items.</span>}}: Demonstrates that grids in crafting grids can be fully customized. And that tooltips will support variables.

Multiple crafting grids[edit source]

This is what the code to create multiple crafting grids will look like in the future. Instead of flipping through animations automatically by the script, the user must flip through them manually with the controls provided.

 |I={{G|Oak Wood|16}}{{G|Clay|9}}
 |F={{G|Charcoal|2|tooltiptext=Charcoal<br><span class="tcAspectTooltipDesc">Can smelt 8 items.</span>}}{{G|Oak Wood Planks|6|tooltiptext=$1<br><span class="tcAspectTooltipDesc">Can smelt 1.5 items.</span>}}

Crafting grid creation[edit source]

This is an example of how crafting grids will be created in the future. Ideally, templates used here should be substituted to allow for shallower expansion depth, however, by not substituting the templates you increase the maintainability of these crafting grids.

{{Crafting grid/Start}}
{{Crafting grid/Image|Link to image|style=Additional styles|class=Additional classes}}
{{Crafting grid/Cell|{{{1|{{{A1}}} }}}|X position|Y position|style=Additional styles|class=Additional classes}}
{{Crafting grid/Cell|{{{9|{{{C3}}} }}}|X position|Y position|style=Additional styles|class=Additional classes}}
{{Crafting grid/Tank|{{{liquid}}}|X position|Y position|style=Additional styles|class=Additional classes}}
{{Crafting grid/End}}