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The Developer-appointed curator program (DACP, da-sap (/deɪ.ˈsæp/)) is a "program" allowing mod authors to appoint editors to document their mod/mods on the Feed The Beast Wiki. A mod author can be self-appointed, if desired. The developer-appointed mod curator (often shortened to dev appointed mod curator, dev appointed editor, and sometimes mod curator, although the latter can refer to anyone documenting a mod) is considered its own role.

Why host your documentation here?[edit source]

Why should you host your documentation here, rather than in a forum post, website, or an independent wiki? There are a few reasons:

  • Forum post: forum posts should have at least some documentation in them, but overall they are nasty as the be-all and end-all form of documentation for medium-sized or large-sized mods. Most forums have size restriction for posts, and using a series of posts generally makes a mess. Also, forum posts usually have restrictions in the forum markup, and are very difficult to navigate.
  • Website: websites aren't easily editable by users/fans. This point can also extended to the forum post. Although a GitHub.io website can be by forking the repository, this is not something that the average contributor would know how to do, or even want to learn how to do.
Having your documentation editable by anyone, essentially being a wiki, is about always the best route. Wikis allow anyone to contribute to your documentation, sometimes letting the documentation write itself, and allowing for mistakes to be easily fixed, and for communities to be built. Another point is that wikitext is much simpler then HTML, and allows for more with less.
  • Independent wikis: independent wikis start from the ground-up. Although it may be fun to craft templates and guidelines, the Feed The Beast Wiki already has a very successful system going; you don't need to worry about making new templates, or about a manual of style, you can just jump in and start editing! Additionally, independent wikis, particularly those of less-popular mods, often have issues being maintained— vandalism is not always reverted quickly, if reverted at all. The FTB Wiki is made of many users that are quick to respond to situations (if you want to test us without vandalizing, throw us a message on our centralized discussion board). Plus, you don't have to risk the dreadful feeling of being lonely, which you might have on a small self-created wiki.
Another thing to note is that contributing to the Feed The Beast Wiki is absolutely free; many independent wikis are self-hosted to avoid the Wikia-hell, often costing the owner a few bucks. Although there are many free wiki-hosting platforms, many are slow, have too many ads, or are inflexible.
Another point is that a "universal" wiki, which the Feed The Beast Wiki strives to be, allows for easier documentation of addons and crossmod features; rather than linking to other wikis or other sources of information, you can simply point to a page in this wiki.

Moving wikis[edit source]

If desired, you can move your documentation from an independent wiki, website, forum post, etc, to the FTB Wiki. However, this is not as simple as just copy/pasting information over (or at least when done right). There are a few things needed:

  • You need to have permission to do so. This is the most important part. If it's not written by you, you'll definitely need to ask the writer before moving it over.
  • You need convert the pages' templates (or lack of templates) to the FTB Wiki's templates.
  • You need to make the articles/pages' tone appropriate for the FTB Wiki. This doesn't really apply as much for guides, but regular articles are required to be encyclopedic. The most common example of an article being unencyclopedic is using the word "you"— this can usually just be replaced with "the player" or "a player".

Appointing someone[edit source]

As a mod author, you can appoint anyone to document your mod here, including yourself. Please make sure this person is someone that you are sure will document and maintain the mod documentation; preferably someone who has some experience with your mod and possibly some experience with wikis and/or documentation. If you want to appoint someone, make sure you have their approval. If necessary, giving the editor the editor rights (see Special:ListGroupRights) can be requested on the administrators' noticeboard. Once requested, a three day vote will commence. Generally these votes are uncontroversial so the appointed editor will most likely be approved.

Disclaimer[edit source]

If an appointed editor/appointed editors become inactive, this does not mean that other editors on the wiki must be tasked in replacing them and doing their duties. Although the community strives to document all of modded Minecraft, this is a nearly impossible feat, and editors usually have other priorities regarding their time spent on the wiki.

Although community editors may try to assist with your documentation in any way they can, it is ultimately the responsibility of you (the modder) and your appointed editor/editors to document your mod. If the appointed editor/editors don't match your standards, it is ultimately up to you to unappoint them and find a new person to appoint, or to discuss it with them.

It is important to note editors besides from your appointed editor may edit your section of the wiki. This may include editors adjusting articles to make them fit better with the conventions of the wiki, but this may also include the additions of incorrect information and malicious edits. Although community editors will try their best to undo any edits seen as malicious, and will try to double-check other edits, this cannot be guaranteed; it is ultimately the responsibility of the appointed editor/appointed editors to "patrol" their own section.

Lastly, all content published on this wiki is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. If you decide to leave this program, you (and/or others) have a right to reuse any content under the terms of that license. However, you do not have the right to remove any content that your appointed editor/editors or anyone else created on this wiki.

Current list of developer-appointed mod curators[edit source]

See Project:FTB Wiki Roles#Roles for a maintained list of developer-appointed curators.