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Welcome to the Translation Restoration project. Once upon a time, translations on the Feed The Beast Wiki didn't use the translation interface that it uses today. Translations were made the "old way": by translators adding a slash and their language code after the address of the English article, and by copying the English wikitext over. Then, the article would be translated, and saved.

Eventually, the Feed The Beast Wiki moved over to solely using the interface. Although less flexible, the interface allows translations to be maintained and created much more easily. However, the many translations made the "old way" didn't go anywhere; they were still around. This project aims to convert all of the "old way" translations onto the interface.

Such older translations are moved behind a namespace for backup, to make room for proper translations. Basically, one wishing to restore a translation can reference a backup of the corresponding older translation to create a newer translation.

All translatable articles with backups will start with the following header when the translate button is clicked:

<!--Translators note: this article is part of the [[Feed The Beast Wiki:Translation Restoration project|Translation Restoration project]]-->


<!--Translators note: you don't needed to translate this line. Just copy-paste it over. Anyway, this page was originally translated before the module was put in place, using whatever older system there was. I made backups of previously translated pages, so you can use them for reference. Checkout: [[User:Xbony2#My_subpages]]-->

if it is an older page (in the future, it'll all be the first header).

The above message will show up when attempting to translating one of these articles to any language; it does not necessarily mean the language you are translating to has a backup, just that at least one language has one.

Sometimes people still translate through the "old way" even though they're not suppose to, and as such, that is also reflected here.


Older languages translated to[edit]

Language Code Code (caps) (Older) usage
Czech cs CS Not Much
Danish da DA Not Much
German de DE Much
Spanish es ES Some
French fr FR Much
Italian it IT Not Much
Korean ko KO Some
Lithuanian lt LT Not Much
Dutch nl NL Much
Portuguese pt PT Not much
Brazilian Portuguese pt-br PT-BR Not much
Russian ru RU Some
Serbian sr SR Not much
Chinese zh ZH Much


Do note these old backups are quite messy; when possible, the crafting grids are commented out (using <nowiki>) to avoid G calls.


Feed The Beast Beta Pack A[edit]

Magic World[edit]

Advanced Machines (AtomicStryker)[edit]

Applied Energistics[edit]

Entropy Accelerator[edit]

Matter Cannon[edit]

ME Assembler Containment Wall[edit]

ME Wireless Access Terminal[edit]

Quantum Entangled Singularity[edit]

Quartz Axe (Applied Energistics)[edit]

Quartz Cutting Knife[edit]

Quartz Grind Stone[edit]

Quartz Hoe (Applied Energistics)[edit]

Quartz Pickaxe (Applied Energistics)[edit]

Quartz Shovel (Applied Energistics)[edit]

Quartz Sword (Applied Energistics)[edit]

Quartz Wrench[edit]

Biomes O' Plenty[edit]



Chute (BuildCraft)[edit]

Cobblestone Transport Pipe[edit]

Combustion Engine[edit]

Diamond Gear (BuildCraft)[edit]

Diamond Transport Pipe[edit]

Emerald Transport Pipe[edit]

Gold Transport Pipe[edit]

Iron Transport Pipe[edit]

Obsidian Transport Pipe[edit]

Oil (BuildCraft)[edit]

Redstone Engine[edit]

Refinery (BuildCraft)[edit]

Sandstone Transport Pipe[edit]

Stirling Engine[edit]

Stone Transport Pipe[edit]

Void Transport Pipe[edit]

Wood Gear (BuildCraft)[edit]

Wooden Transport Pipe[edit]

Wrench (BuildCraft)[edit]




Ender Chest (EnderStorage)[edit]

Ender Pouch[edit]


Equivalent Exchange 3[edit]

Inert Stone[edit]

Minium Shard[edit]


IndustrialCraft 2[edit]


Iron Chests[edit]

Copper Chest[edit]

Crystal Chest[edit]

Diamond Chest[edit]

Gold Chest[edit]

Iron Chest[edit]

Silver Chest[edit]




Forge Lexicon[edit]



Soul Shards[edit]

Steve's Carts[edit]

Advanced Solar Panel (Steve's Carts)[edit]

Attachment (Steve's Carts)[edit]

Basic Farmer[edit]

Blue Pigment[edit]

Cart Assembler[edit]

Crop: Nether Wart[edit]

Fertilizer (Steve's Carts)[edit]



Thermal Expansion 3[edit]






Feed The Beast[edit]

Feed The Beast Wiki:FTB Wiki Staff[edit]



Project members[edit]

All translators are automatically considered part of this project, as well as Xbony2 for creating and organizing backups.