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Filter Pipe

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Filter Pipe

ModExtra Utilities

The Filter Pipe is part of the Extra Utilities transport system, and is used to filter which direction a certain item can go.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

As seen above, any dye can be used.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Filter Pipe in Action
Example of the Filter Pipe in use
Filter Pipe Gui
The Filter Pipe's GUI

The Filter Pipe can be connected to any Transfer Pipe system, and can be used to determine the direction of a specific item or set of items. The Filter Pipe has six colors, corresponding to the colors of the slots in its GUI. When the GUI is empty, the pipe will work like a normal Transfer Pipe. When an item is placed in one of the GUI slots, only that item will be allowed to go through the corresponding color on the pipe. If an item does not match any filter inside the GUI, it will choose a random empty direction to go. If the item cannot go past any of the filters, it will stop and start it's searching over. An Item Filter can also be placed in one of the slots to allow for a greater number of items filtered at one time.