Fire (Thaumcraft 6)

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This page is about the Fire focus effect added by Thaumcraft 6. For other uses, see Fire.

Fire is the first focus effect available in Thaumcraft 6. It applies fire to the specified trajectory when crafting foci.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

The Fire effect is obtained automatically upon completing the Basic Auromancy research.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Hurls flame at your target and sets it alight.
Focal Manipulator Description
Base Complexity Base Damage Crafting Reagent

Effects[edit | edit source]

The Fire effect applies elemental fire damage to its target, and can also be modified to set the target on fire for sustained burning damage.

Fire has two modifiers when crafting foci:

Burn Duration (in Seconds)[edit | edit source]

Default: 0 Seconds

Each level sets the target on fire for one second, and adds 1 Complexity to the effect.

Power[edit | edit source]

Default: 1

Each additional level adds 1 Damage to the effect, and adds 2 Complexity to the effect.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Fire is a basic, introductory effect designed to introduce the player to using the casting gauntlet, the concept of crafting and using foci, and to provide a basic means of self defense.
  • Can be used to set flammable blocks on fire if the "Burn Duration" modifier is greater than 0. This can be used to replace Flint and Steel.
    • This can also be applied to the Plan medium to set a wide area of blocks on fire at once.