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Modicon Flamingo.png
Current developersAsie
Past developerscopygirl
Latest version1.11
Latest Minecraft version1.12

Flamingo, also called Pink Flamingo, is a mod originally created by copygirl and later maintained by Asie and Vexatos. It adds one block, the Pink Flamingo.

The Pink Flamingo was heavily used and promoted in BTM16 2.0.

Pink Flamingo[edit | edit source]

Pink Flamingo

TypeSolid block

The Pink Flamingo is the sole block added by the Flamingo mod. It serves no purpose other than to decorate. Left-clicking the Pink Flamingo will make it wobble back and forth. If done in creative mode however, this will simply break the block, and holding the left-click will also break the block.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

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