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Witchery Information

Witches' Brews
Creatures under this effect will float a little way above the ground untill [sic] the effect finsihes [sic]. The power level determines how high the creatures float.
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Altar Power required for brew 250
Altar Power required for ritual 350
Effect level 2
Brew component type Effect

Floating is a level 2 custom brew effect component from Witchery. It is obtained by putting Sugar Canes in the brew before bottling.

A potion of any dispersal method will cause the afflicted entity to float a few blocks above the ground. Their height is relative to their distance from the ground; if the entity travels up a hill, they will likely not collide with the ground, but instead ascend to stay above the increasing ground height. When the effect runs out, they will drop. They will not be immune to the fall damage when they land.