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Floodlight (Immersive Engineering)

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This page is about the Floodlight added by Immersive Engineering. For other uses, see Floodlight.

ModImmersive Engineering
TypeSolid block
Max RF input256 RF/t
RF use5 RF/t

The Floodlight is a block added by Immersive Engineering. It is meant to be a more advanced version of the Powered Lantern. However, it does not have the protective spawn feature against hostile mobs (though it will prevent spawning through standard light level checks) and consumes more energy (5 RF/t as opposed to 1 RF/t). Finally, the Floodlight creates a 32 block-long "light cone" in the direction it faces.

The Floodlight's angle can be adjusted through an Engineer's Hammer. Right-clicking the top of the Floodlight will move it counter-clockwise (left) (changing the X rotation) and right-clicking the side of the Floodlight will move it up and then down. Shift right-clicking will rotate the floodlight in the opposite directions.

The Floodlight requires Redstone Flux (RF) consumption in order to function which must be delivered through a LV Wire Coil. The Floodlight can function as an LV Wire Connector. It is important to recognize that Floodlights will not function when an LV Wire Connector is placed on them, as the connection must be made directly to the Floodlight itself.

Redstone signal settings can be adjusted by shift-right-clicking the base of the floodlight while holding an Engineer's Hammer.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Pre 0.11-63[edit | edit source]

This information pertains to an older version of the mod.