Fluid Filter (GregTech 6)

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This page is about the Fluid Filter added by GregTech 6. For other uses, see Fluid Filter.
Fluid Filter

ModGregTech 6

The Fluid Filter is a machine cover added by GregTech 6 that allows or forbids a single fluid from entering or leaving the machine. To filter multiple fluids, the Filter (Fluids) may be used instead.

Initially, the Filter has no fluid set and is in "Allow only" mode, and will not allow any fluid to pass. To set its fluid, right-click any applicable fluid container on the Filter after installing it on a machine. To clear its fluid setting, use a Soft Hammer on the Filter. To invert the filter such that it will allow any fluid except the specified fluid, use a Screwdriver on the Filter. The Filter will retain its fluid setting when removed from the machine using a Crowbar.