Fluid Pressure Gun

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Fluid Pressure Gun

ModFactory Tech

The Fluid Pressure Gun is a ranged weapon added by Factory Tech. It shoots pressurized fluids from tanks, with different fluids having different effects. It is similar to the Chemical Thrower from Immersive Engineering. To load it, right-click while wielding the Gun while a filled tank is in the player's inventory.

Fluid effects[edit | edit source]

  • Air: No damage, low range, extreme knockback
  • Water: Low damage, long range, medium knockback, high accuracy
  • Propane: Medium damage, medium range, low knockback, sets mobs on fire
  • Sulphuric Acid: High damage, medium range, low knockback
  • Sulphur: Inflicts Slowness, Weakness, and Nausea for 10 seconds
  • Liquefied Glowstone: Long range, no knockback, low damage, inflicts the Glowing condition
  • Energite: Medium-high damage, inflicts Poison II on mobs

Easter egg[edit | edit source]

Killing an entity with this gun renamed to "Splattershot" will display a chat message "Splatted <victim name>!". This is a reference to the game Splatoon.

Recipe[edit | edit source]