Fluid Reader (Practical Logistics 2)

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Fluid Reader

ModPractical Logistics 2
TypeSolid block
Technical details
Registry namepracticallogistics2:fluidreader
This page is about the block added by Practical Logistics 2. For other uses, see Fluid Reader.
A Display Screen, receiving data from a Fluid Reader and displaying the amount of Destabilized Redstone stored in a Portable Tank.

The Fluid Reader is a block added by Practical Logistics 2. It is used to read and list all the fluids in the inventories of connected blocks. To connect a block to a Fluid Reader, place a Node on it and then run Data Cables from it to the Fluid Reader. Or, to connect the block wirelessly, use a Transceiver. Data is inputted through the dark blue side of the Fluid Reader and outputted through the light blue side.

The Fluid Reader can also be used to create the Wireless Storage Reader.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Channels[edit | edit source]

The Fluid Reader is configured through channels. For each block connected to the network, a channel will be created. The Fluid Reader can have an unlimited number of connected channels however only one can be read at a time. Channels are selected by pressing the Channel button in the top right of the GUI.

In the Channel Selection menu, listed channels will display their x, y, and z coordinates. To select one, click on it. To exit the Channel Selection menu, press escape.

Modes[edit | edit source]

The Fluid Reader has various modes for selecting different data from inventories. The data that is selected by the modes will be displayed on the connected display screen.

Mode Information
Tanks This will display the list of fluids sorted by the Fluid Reader.
Fluid This will display the amount of fluid stored from the selected type. To select a fluid, click on it from the list of available ones.
Pos This will display the fluid in the selected position of the sorted list.
Storage This will create a progress bar of the fluid stored against the total possible amount of fluid that could be stored.

Fluid Searching[edit | edit source]

Fluids in the connected inventories will display in the Fluid Reader's GUI and can be searched from there. There is a search box in the top right of the GUI that can be used to search through fluids. The button next to the search box can be used to change sorting modes. There are four modes:

Mode Information
Fluids Stored This will display fluids in order of amount stored.
Fluid Name This will display fluids in alphabetical order.
Mod Name This will display fluids by mod in alphabetical order.
Temperature This will display fluids by temperature. Note that several fluids may not set have temperatures.