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Fluid Reservoirs

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Fluid Reservoirs

ModImmersive Engineering

Fluid Reservoirs are large deposits of fluid added by Immersive Petroleum that can be found under Bedrock. The only way to locate these reservoirs is by using a Core Sample Drill, and they can only be harvested using a Pumpjack. Each chunk has a chance to contain a Fluid Reservoir, including chunks in dimensions other than the Overworld. Each reservoir only takes up one chunk, and can range in size. Some types of fluid reservoirs may contain trace amounts of fluid even after being depleted, so a single Pumpjack may extract small amounts of fluid infinitely.

By default, there is a 50% chance for a chunk to contain a Fluid Reservoir.

Below is a table that shows each reservoir type included in the base mod, as well as its weight and contents (taken from the Engineer's Manual).

Reservoir Composition Weight Size Trace Fluid Location
Oil Reservoir
Crude Oil
40 2,500,000 mB - 10,000,000 mB 6 mB / tick Any dimension except the End
30 10,000,000 mB - 50,000,000 mB 6 mB / tick Overworld
Magma Chamber
30 250,000 mB - 1,000,000 mB None Any dimension except the End