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Fluid Solidifier

MódGregTech 5
TypTile entita
PopisekCools Fluids down to form Solids

The Fluid Solidifier is a machine from GregTech 5. Its main and sole purpose is to get solid items out of fluids, thus becoming in most of the cases the exact opposite of the Fluid Extractor. It is necessary to get Light Concrete, however, and can be used to get one block of Obsidian out of 1000L of Lava.


Stejně jako všechny ostatní stroje v módu GregTech 5, i Fluid Solidifier má pět variant v závislosti na úrovni napětí, od Low po Insane.


When a fluid and Mold are inserted into it, the Fluid Solidifier will consume some fluid and create an item appropriate to the fluid type and mold. Molten Glass can be solidified into bottles or glass blocks, water can be made into snowballs, lava into obsidian, and most molten metals can be made into any shape for which a mold exists. In particular, the Fluid Solidifier is the only way to make Small Gears without consuming durability on hand tools.

Celkem: 128 EU
Použití: 8 EU/t
Napětí: 8 EU
Amperáž: 1
Čas: 0.8 secs

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