Fluiduct (Thermal Dynamics)

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This page is about the Fluiduct added by Thermal Dynamics. For other uses, see Fluiduct.

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The Fluiduct (previuosly called the Temperate Fluiduct) is a block from Thermal Dynamics used to transport fluids. The rate at which it transports fluids is inversely proportional to the Viscosity of the fluid being transported. Temperate Fluiducts have a weakness: they cannot transport fluids with temperatures above 800 or below 274. This means that, while most fluids including Steam can be safely transported,other fluids like Lava and Gelid Cryotheum cannot, and if transported will break the fluiducts and spill into the world.

Fluids that enter Fluiducts are instantly shared across all connected ducts and can be instantly transported from sources to destinations. However, this also means that a Fluiduct network can only transport one fluid at a time. Fluids can be pushed into Fluiducts by machines, or can be pulled in by attaching a Servo.

There are two types of Fluiducts: normal and Opaque. Opaque Fluiducts do not render the fluid they contain; non-Opaque Fluiducts do render fluids. This can cause more graphical lag, but can also be more aesthetically pleasing or satisfying to watch.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Opaque and transparent Fluiducts can be converted into each other.