Fluix Crystal (Applied Energistics 2)

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This page is about the Fluix Crystal from Applied Energistics 2. For other uses, see Fluix Crystal.
Fluix Crystal

ModApplied Energistics 2
TC4 AspectsStandard






The Fluix Crystal is an item added by Applied Energistics 2, which is used in crafting recipes throughout the mod. The crystal comes in two forms, the regular Fluix Crystal and the Pure Fluix Crystal. These are both interchangeable in crafting recipes.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

To create a Fluix Crystal, 1 Charged Certus Quartz, 1 Nether Quartz, and 1 Redstone must be dropped into a pool of water. They will be consumed and output 2 Fluix Crystals.

To create a Pure Fluix Crystal, the player must craft a Fluix Seed and throw it into Water. This process will take around 12 hours. The growing process can be sped up by using Crystal Growth Accelerators.