Flux (Thaumcraft 6)

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This page is about the Flux added by Thaumcraft 6. For other uses, see Flux.

ModThaumcraft 6

Flux is a mechanic added by Thaumcraft 6. It is the "unclean" variant of Vis and leads to the formation of tainted blocks and Taint Seeds. Like Vis it occupies and diffuses across chunks. It has a higher priority than Vis, and at high levels can prevent the latter from replenishing. On the Thaumometer it shows as a purple bar under the pink bar for Vis. If it surpasses 75% of the chunk's maximum Vis capacity it will generate a Flux Rift. It can be removed by the Flux Sponge or the Flux Condenser.

It can be generated by emptying a Crucible and when the Infusion Altar is unstable.

Note that the focus effect "flux" does not generate any flux into the aura, but deals magic damage.