Focal Manipulator (Thaumcraft 6)

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This page is about the Focal Manipulator from Thaumcraft 6. For other uses, see Focal Manipulator.
Focal Manipulator

ModThaumcraft 6
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance60
TC6 Aspects





The Focal Manipulator is a block added by Thaumcraft 6. It is used to imbue foci with spells that can be cast with a Caster's Gauntlet.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Right-clicking the Focal Manipulator will open its GUI, which is used to create custom spells.

The Focal Manipulator GUI.

The slot on the bottom left is a focus slot. In order to use this block, a focus must be inserted into it.

The middle area of the interface shows the current spell layout. Clicking on one of the pieces will select it, which allows editing its settings in the bottom right corner. Right clicking a piece will remove it and all pieces below. The top piece always is the Root focus medium, which affects the caster directly and cannot be selected.

The scrollable list on the left shows the usable spell patterns, which are divided into three types:

  • focus mediums, which provide trajectories determining what is affected by the spell,
  • focus effects, which apply an effect to the affected object,
  • focus modifiers, which modify the spell behavior.

Clicking on one of the patterns will place it in the currently selected position in the layout. Every pattern has a complexity cost, which is modified by the pattern's settings and increased by 50% for each repeated use of the same pattern.

The top bar is a text field where the spell's name can be set. This name defaults to the name of the focus item used.

The top right area of the interface contains:

  • the "Start Crafting" button, which can be only pressed when all crafting conditions are met and starts the crafting process.
  • the total complexity of the spell, which is limited by the used focus type and determines the casting cooldown and cost. If the Focus's complexity limit is exceeded by the planned patterns, the new Focus cannot be created.
  • the experience level and Vis cost of crafting the spell.
  • the Vis cost of a single cast of the spell.
  • the Vis Crystals required to craft the spell.

Clicking the "Start Crafting" button will consume the required experience and Vis Crystals, and start draining Vis from the chunk containing the Focal Manipulator. The area where Vis is drained from can be increased to a 3×3 chunk area by placing a Workbench Charger on top of it. Once the required Vis is gathered, the created spell will be stored in the focus. If the focus contained a spell already, it will be overwritten.

Focus patterns[edit | edit source]

Mediums[edit | edit source]

Name Crystal cost Effect Settings
Root - Affects the player -
Affects objects in the block reach range of the player -
Shoots a projectile that affects the hit object Projectile speed (1-5)
Options: None, Bouncy (bounces off blocks, cannot trigger on hitting a block anymore), Seek hostile, Seek friendly
Shoots a bolt with a 16 block range that affects the hit object -
Arcane Mine
Spawns a mine that triggers when a mob walks on it but takes 2 seconds to arm Target type: Friendly, Non-friendly
Creates a cloud that applies the spell effects every 5 ticks to all objects in range Duration (seconds): 5-30
Range (blocks): 1-3


Summon Spellbat
Spawns a spellbat that attacks a target, applying spell effects to it Target type: Friendly, Non-friendly
Affects all highlighted blocks Planning method:
Full (can affect up to a 7×7×7 area of different blocks),
Surface (can affect up to a 7×7 area of the same block type)

Effects[edit | edit source]

Name Crystal cost Effect Settings
Deals fire damage, sets target on fire
Ignites blocks
Burn duration (seconds): 0-5
Power: 1-5
Deals projectile damage and knocks the target back Duration (seconds): 2-10
Power: 1-5
Deals projectile damage and applies Slowness
Freezes nearby Water into Frosted Ice
Power: 1-5
Deals projectile damage
Breaks weak blocks
Power: 1-5
Deals magic damage Power: 1-5
Deals magic damage and applies harmful status effects on hit entities
Places a static field that applies harmful status effects
Duration (seconds): 1-10
Power: 1-5
Heals the target, damaging undead targets instead Healing: 1-5
Breaks the hit blocks Silk Touch: Yes/No
Fortune: No, I, II, III, IV
Breaking strength: 1-5
Replaces the hit blocks with the selected one from the caster's inventory Silk Touch: Yes/No
Fortune: No, I, II, III, IV
Creates a temporary 3×3 hole that can be walked through at the hit location Duration (seconds): 2-10
Depth: 8/16/24/32

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Name Effect Settings
Scatter Splits a trajectory into multiple weaker ones Trajectory forks: 2-10
Spread angle (degrees): 10-360
Split Target Splits a target into two weaker ones Multiplier:0.75
Split Trajectory Splits a trajectory into two weaker ones -