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Force Engine

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Force Engine

Mod DartCraft
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Other forms

Energy Production
MJ output {{{mjoutput}}} MJ/t
MJ buffer {{{mjbuffer}}} MJ
EU output {{{euoutput}}} EU/t
EU buffer {{{eubuffer}}} EU
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{{{1buffertitle}}} {{{1buffer}}} EU
Output 1MJ/t~6MJ/t
Buffer {{{buffer}}}
Explosive No
Locks down? No

The Force Engine is an engine from DartCraft. This engine is used to Minecraft Joules (MJ) by using fuel and a throttle. This engine cannot explode.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

This engine runs off of liquid fuel rather than solid fuel. A throttle is a material used to amplify the Engine's MJ output.

Fuel MJ/t Ticks
Lava 0.5 MJ/t 20,000
Oil 1.5 MJ/t 20,000
Biofuel 2 MJ/t 60,000
Fuel 3 MJ/t 100,000
Liquid Force 4 MJ/t 10,000

The following table shows the effect of the throttles when running a Force Engine on Liquid Force.

Throttle Multiplier MJ/t MJ/Force Gem
None 1 4 MJ/t 40,000
Water 2 8 MJ/t 80,000
Milk 2.5 10 MJ/t 100,000
Crushed Ice 4 16 MJ/t 100,000