Force Wrench

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Force Wrench


The Force Wrench is a machine configuration tool added by DartCraft. It is able to functions like any wrench and can also rotate vanilla blocks such as Pistons. The Force Wrench can convert any inventory blocks (Chest, Gold Chest, Pulverizer, Macerator, MFSU, etc.) into an item and retain all of its upgrades, contained items, energy and settings. It will not despawn when dropped on the ground. To prevent player-protected blocks from being moved around it will not work with immutable objects such as warded blocks.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • It can damage player.dat files and worlds.
  • Serializing items like ME Drives with large inventories may send packets above the maximum size that can be transmitted between the client and server and cause the server to crash. Restarting will not work if the chunk is loaded and player data will have to be cleared and/or worldedit action must be taken.