Forging Hammer

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Forging Hammer

ModPractical Logistics 2
TypeSolid block
Technical details
Registry namepracticallogistics2:hammer
A Forging Hammer crushing some Sapphire.

The Forging Hammer is a block added by Practical Logistics 2. It is often the first block the player will create when playing with the mod. It is used to crush Sapphire into Sapphire Dust and create various plates. Upon being placed, the Forging Hammer will become a 3 block tall multiblock.

It does not require power of any kind, and as long as a valid input is provided in it's inventory the Hammer will continue working.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

JEI[edit | edit source]

Forging Hammer recipes can be shown in JEI by either pressing on the arrow in the GUI of the Forging Hammer, or by looking at the uses of the Hammer in JEI. Provided the player has a valid input item in their inventory, recipes can be shift-clicked into the hammer by pressing the "+" button in JEI.