Fractionation Unit

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Fractionation Unit

Liquid storage240000 mB
Required power65536 W
Required speed8192 rad/s

The Fractionation Unit is a machine from RotaryCraft. It is used to produce the Jet Fuel used by the Microturbine, Gas Turbine, and Pulse Jet Furnace.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Six different components are required to create Jet Fuel: Blaze Powder, Coal, Netherrack Dust, Tar Sand, Ethanol Crystals, and Magma Cream. One Ghast Tear is also required as a catalyst, and is not consumed in the reaction. Each time the Fractionation Unit runs, it produces between 1000 and 2200 mB Jet Fuel, and each of the 6 components have a 25% chance of having 1 item consumed.

The Fractionation Unit requires a Speed of 8192 Rad/sec to operate, but feeding it higher Speeds will cause it to run faster, as per the following formula:

  • Time = 800 - 40 \times \log_{2}(x+1)
  • Time in Ticks, x = input speed

At its minimum operating speed of 8192 Rad/sec, it takes 13.95 seconds (279 ticks) to run a single reaction. This can be attained by a Gasoline Engine or four Steam Engines and a 16:1 Stone Gearbox. Every time the speed is doubled beyond that, the processing time decreases by 2 seconds. A speed of 1,030,562 (rounded up to 2^20, 1,048,576) Rad/sec is required to reach maximum speed, one tick per reaction. As there is no minimum required Torque, a Microturbine, an 8:1 Diamond or Bedrock Gearbox, and a Shaft Junction can theoretically power two Fractionation Units at maximum speed.

The production and consumption of the Fractionation Unit are dependent upon the configuration setting I:"Difficulty Control". If I:"Difficulty Control"=1, the Fractionation Unit produces between 1600 and 3200 mB Jet Fuel per run, and each of the 6 components have a 3.125% chance of being consumed. If I:"Difficulty Control"=3, the Fractionation Unit produces between 400 and 800 mB Jet Fuel per run, and each of the 6 components have a 75% chance of being consumed.