Freestanding red alloy wire (RedLogic)

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This page is about the Freestanding red alloy wire from RedLogic. For other uses, see Freestanding Red Alloy Wire.
Freestanding red alloy wire

TypeSolid block
Fig. 1: A demonstration of freestanding and lying cables and wires with their connectivity.

The Freestanding red alloy wire is a redstone wire added by RedLogic. The difference from the Red alloy wires is the ability to place the wires freely in the world without the need of an object, to which the wires are placed (shown in Fig. 1).

These are used for transmitting redstone signals. They have a signal range limitation of 239 blocks. They can connect to Insulated wires and other Freestanding wires, but not to Bundled cables or Freestanding bundled cables (as shown in Fig. 1).

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